Spiritual Awakening

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Spiritual Awakening
Post # 1
I am Interested to hear opinions and examples of them, On the benifits of being spiritually aware after reading the thread on it. I often refer to being spiritually aware as to the movie "The Matrix" because it remindes me of when Morpheus offerred Neo the different colored pills, one to go back to sleep and the other to become aware. If I decided to stay asleep and never become aware of things spiritual or like for instance 2012. Should I really care if I have been rencarnated and expect to have another life?
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Re: Spiritual Awakening
Post # 2
it is a choice everyone needs to make for themselves, once you have touched your true soul in the fullest degree very few things can compare, no one needs to care if they have had one life or many and if they are going to have more, but then they also need to accept the fact that for them when they die it is the end instead of the beginning of something much more epic. In living life just for the physical you are a victim of reality without knowing it and being able to stop it, you are caught up in energies all around you that effect you but that you do not want to grasp, thus you remain a victim, once you know the soul you can find true reality, within reality there are rules, now the physical ego based mind and flesh is generally bound in them, but with work on the soul you ascend them and life suddenly isn't a big rat race anymore, suddenly every moment of it can be the most precious moment ever concieved if just viewed from the right eyes, soul teaches that life is about fun and perception ego teaches world is about money and status, choose your own path, endure and know you are responsible for the destination you reach. "Warrior eats the red and the blue pill and chases a unicorn through the milkyway"
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Re: Spiritual Awakening
Post # 3
Well I believe in reincarnation.
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