sleep atacks

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sleep atacks
Post # 1
can anyone help me. i dont know the answer to this question... a couple nights of the year i get attacked right before i fall a sleep. it goes like this: my arms get heavy and somehow i allways seem to position them crossed on my chest, next i feel preasure like im being pushed down by someone. I try to scream but i cant beacuse i cant breathe. i cant talk or anything all i can do is to wait 4 it to pass. can anyone tell me is this a medical issue or a paranormal one? PLS HELP ME
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Re: sleep atacks
Post # 2
I have had something similar where i have been unable to move at all just staring around and trying to move one part of my body,once i got to move say my little finger i was ok but it was a scary feeling as if you are paralyzed, i think it is where you fall asleep but the eyes stay open lol
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Re: sleep atacks
By: / Adept
Post # 3
There are two schools of thought on the subject, which is not an uncommon phenomenon:

1) Sleep Paralysis: give it a google

2) Ghost "Pressing": give that a google as well

I would rule out the first one before worrying about paranormal activity. If you think it's spirit involvement, don't fear, because there are things you can do.

But be practical and rule out medical issues first.
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Re: sleep atacks
Post # 4
That has happened to me but it started in a dream, I was sleeoing on the floor in my dream, and in real life, and in my dream I couldn't move or talk or anyhting, and when I woke up it took a while when I woke up to get to moving a gain and I was freaking out.
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Re: sleep atacks
Post # 5
Sleep Paralysis is what I was going to suggest as well.
However if you are positive it isn't that let me know, there are a few things you would need to do to make it stop assuming it's paranormal.

High Priest Bledri
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