tarot reading

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tarot reading
Post # 1
Hey I was wondering does anybody think there's a connection between doing a reading for your self and what you predict and bad things happening compareing to reading it for some else and nothing bad happens to you.
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Re: tarot reading
Post # 2
tarot readers aren't meant to read to their own cards, because we are not meant to see our own futures. I like to think of tarot readers as spiders, and the cards as they fall, the spider spinning it's thread, it can turn into something beautiful, but when tampered with it will all go to hizell...if you get my drift here. Hope this metaphor answers your question.
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Re: tarot reading
Post # 3
Yeah I get the metaphor. Thanks for the answear. I haven't heared that metaphor before. I hope that just applys to tarot and not other forms of divanations
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Re: tarot reading
Post # 4
I do not agree with you at all SilverVixen lots of card readers will read their own cards. I have been reading Tarot Cards for 3 years now I do readings for myself and for other people and I always have accurate readings.
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Re: tarot reading
Post # 5
Tarot does not have the power to change the future...
That's why some of the cards are so obscure.
Most likely, the reason the bad things happen is because of self-fulfilling destiny...
You worry about it, and create a build up of negative energy.
When you get worked up liek that, you also create a pathway for other powers to sneak in... one that draw energy from your dispair, etc.
It all comes back to... the best approach being to center yourself.
And... bad things happen. Have faith that all bad things happen for a reason... and do what you can to find them to be a good thing.
Now, after saying that, I will also add... be sure to remember that things in life are not always instantly gratifying.
Soemtimes you have to wait a very long time to see any results...
But the important thing is to keep that positive energy charged... practice grounding and cleansing... it helps greatly... and, really, if you can not ground yourself or cleanse yourself... you shouldn't be doing tarot readings...
For most people, they understand what the tarot was pointing to after it happens.
For some people... that spend alot of time in focus, and have strong gifts... it gets completely spelled out right in front of them.
As I understand things... fate does exist... however, different people have different levels of fate attached to them.
Some people are only meant to live and die...
Other people have things they must do.
When fate is that powerful... as I understand it... there are 5 paths for that fate to be done... the easiest path, the easy path, the middle path, the hard path, and the hardest path.
I will add... the easy path is not the best path... it doesn't allow for growth... In the same respect, the hard path isn't the best path... when you push fate that far, you begin to feel it's pull as it forces you into the place you have to take.
It does not feel pleasant, at all.
But, in all my experience... which, feel free to say I am wrong... I can't know everything...
Tarot just does not have the power to change the future. It merely lets you know what has already been set to happen...
If you can focus on it correctly.
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Re: tarot reading
Post # 6
I believe that the cards are a prediction of what can happen if you don???t change anything on your current path. If it foretells something undesirable you have the power to change your future. I believe they can give great insight into what is going on with you and your world. I have always had accurate readings, although I always seem to get the majority or the cards reversed and a lot of major arcana. The same cards tend to come up also. Which tells me I???m not listening that well.
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Re: tarot reading
Post # 7
ok im begaining to believe that its just a matter of perception and how you address the deity to ask for help.
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