happy earth day

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happy earth day
Post # 1
Any big plans?
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Re: happy earth day
Post # 2
That's the same as abour day, right? There should be some sort of pagan celebration on this day. I know that pretty much all of them do but only in America. There should be some sort of international pagan festival on Earth day.
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Re: happy earth day
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Well I have been celebrating all week long because it is earth week! :) Earth day and Arbor day are actually different days. Earth day is were we celebrate all life on earth including the earth it's self. After all it is one giant organism with many different parts. ;) Arbor day is actually a day during earth week that is specific to trees. The arbor day foundation sells trees to it's members at a low cost and plants trees in your honor for your membership. :)

Now there are so many things you can do to help out the elements that make up the planet where we live. Celebrate the diverse life here and send a message to the life forms in the universe that we love our home and will fight to make it the best planet it can be :)

Personally I have planted a tree, made sure that earth day celebrations have happened in both of my children's classes at school, made a garden box over the weekend, made sure to use my reusable bags when I shop and even bought a few more and am going to see the new movie Earth this weekend were a tree is going to be planted for every ticket sold. I hope what ever your plans are you remember to at least thank the powers at be for our home and take the pride in it that you need to make sure it is always there for you and the many other living things here!

Earth Day Blessing to All ;)
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