good bye my friends

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Forums -> Comments -> good bye my friends

good bye my friends
Post # 1
Its time for me to move on for as the seasons change so shall we. I look fondly back among the 1st day I found I was naive and lost. Thanks to you guys I still haven't found the right path but you restoreied my faith in the human beings. Not that just people ment to hurt and destory but to heal and love. Kao, balance, dru18, lucifer magius aka fizben (whatever names he's using)and whoever else I forgot to mention. your the greatest. We all must change some for the better some for the worse. Goodbye ill leave this account up for a couple days . Last count for pices on the sight is I think 22
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Re: good bye my friends
Post # 2
No Mr Hanson! Please I wish you would reconsider. You were one of my first friends here. We need more good strong teachers as yr self. But if you must just know ,u will be missed.My Blessings go with you.
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Re: good bye my friends
Post # 3
Thank you lady tessa. If anybody wants to find me I'm on check the fourm I'm under this name. As for this fourm between panthera and ragnorek (sry if its missspeleld) it should be fine. On the site I posted there's less spammers. Not quite covens but their are opening lessons on some stuff. Any bleesed be
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Re: good bye my friends
Post # 4
Good Luck to You . also whats up with everyone where did everyone go ?

I went looking for the site you mentioned and was annoyed that I couldnt get on the website , its either gone or has been hacked .. but I found this ,
so it is a functioning site but as of right now its gone ...

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Re: good bye my friends
Post # 5
Good member and very inteligent.
Farewell my friend!
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Re: good bye my friends
Post # 6
Wow apperently my cousin likes to ramble on. Anyway he told me about this site and how they need more members so he sent me to replace him. So hi
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Re: good bye my friends
Post # 7
welcome :), I hoppe you will be usefull as he did.
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