A very strange thing.....

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A very strange thing.....
Post # 1
when i was dreaming i wasnt controlling my dream but when i was i was in my apartments not in my house but outside and the sky was like bluish darkish first i was creeped out and i looked around to see whats going on and when i did the grass was dead some trees were dead (alot of trees were alive tho) and there was this one guy in a dark cloak telling me to do something and i did not know what he means what was he talking about and then i heard a roar and it was from the sky and once i looked up i saw a dragon flying around then when i looked down the guy in the cloak was gone far gone i decide to look around when i find some people dead and then i found my friend and he said he didnt know whats going on here so me and him walked around when we found some weird creatures i think attacking people then we heard a roar and we saw a dragon again and it was coming at us then the dragon bursts ice at us and we quickly dodge it hide and once it was gone i touch it and it seem to be.....real then me and my friend went in my house noticing my dad and brothers were missing but then we heard something outside once we did we saw a HUGE cloud of smoke and a weird looking ship and it had people on it imprisoning other people (idk why) but it seem like they were doing all this to our world me and my friend was really worried now. then i woke up because of school and my hands were a bit cold because of the ice i touched...then when i went to school i saw my friend and he told me that he saw me in his dream and me and him had the same dream and we are wondering whats was going on. what could this dream mean guys is the futer telling me something i want to know so pls reply and thank u.

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Re: A very strange thing.....
Post # 2
i really hope that its not related to ur future. maybe its something less elaborate and its for someone else who isnt clearly me to explain, sorry for not helping, M_L
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Re: A very strange thing.....
Post # 3
I think this was a low level astral projecting.
More connected to your subconsciousness.
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