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A quick intro
Post # 1
I am Lord Fruril. Or that is the moniker I have chosen for you to know me by. You may or may not see me around the forums or even in the chat, either way I will be here. I won't be answering personal questions unless they pertain to something I have said previously, and even then only at my leisure. I will be open to any and all questions regarding my practice, but will again answer only at my own discretion.
I am glad to be a part of this site, and I will tell you from jump that I will not be taking any ridiculous requests nor will I answer, respond, nor waste my time reading anything I deem ridiculous...and no I don't care how very serious you may be.
Thank you.
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Re: A quick intro
Post # 2
It is very Nice to meet you Lord Fruril. Welcome to the forums.
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Re: A quick intro
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Eh... wlcome lol, but acting thast way on this site rly is just gona make ppl post bad things X.x

they r very ... argumentive xD
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Re: A quick intro
Post # 4
I'm not new to the site Trav, just the face and the name. I'm well aware of the ignorance that happens around the forums and the pestillence that even reaches out to our inboxes.
The plain and simple fact of the matter is that anything I say has and alway will be said because I choose to say it.
I have always said I don't get paid enough to make people like me. If you choose to hear what I say and take something away from it that is up to you or each individual listening or reading. If you like me or don't because of it, that is also up to you.
I don't seek to offend, but I would just as soon be taken seriously as to answer the same useless questions time and time again.
That is my rant about that, and you won't see me take that soap box again. Talking doesnt accomplish near as much doing.
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Re: A quick intro
Post # 5
hmmm... my apologies. I don't believe i've met you Chad. my apologies for the mistake. Just glance I suppose. Two mistake at the same time. Glancing and supposing.
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