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Post # 1
There have been many people who claim to be able to see into the future. Those who see the future through their dreams, make use of premonitions, dreams which foretold an event. I myself have had several experiences which are similar to premonitions in that they showed me with clarity what event was going to take place.

In one particular premonition, I found myself wandering through the train. I was able to control my own movements, so this was similar to lucid dreams. I was able to walk up to individuals aboard the segment of the train, and look at their faces and attire, and see what they were doing before the crash. I was also able to tell the exact location of the crash, for I see their faces contorting with fear before I woke. Four days later, I read in the paper that a train has crashed in , at around the location where my dream ended.

In my experience, it is customary for me to look frantically for the time in all my dreams. From my knowledge, all my dreams that turn out to be premonitions have the time running in the right way, as in chronologically. All my dreams (and fantasies wooohooo!) tend to run backwards in time, and the clock hands all go backwards. This is my only way to tell if something is going to be real or not.

Now a question I pose is: Do you believe in premonitions? Certainly you are allowed to discredit my experiences, since these are as credible as the person who made it. Do you believe in Extra Sensory Perception, as in the ability to detect or sense more than the typical individual? Feel free to share your own, but please explain the concepts/features of your experiences.
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Post # 2
I have had premonitions in the past. Once a premonition of walking down the school hallway kept me from getting trampled in reality by a group of speeding teenagers. :)
Lately though I've only been having dreams about killing my brother-in-law-to-be. He's a real prick and a jerk to my fiance. He's a jerk to his own fiance too, but she's too lovey-dovey to realize what a waste of air he is right now.
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Post # 3
I have had Premontion sent I was little. Hell, Still am. Anyway, seeing dead people walking, well, that happen to me just last year. I have always heard them and not see them until last year. (I mean seeing them walking around and talking when I am awake. Not sleeping). Premontions come to me only when something is about to happen around me or my family. Now, my oldest son is having them too. And I have been trying to help him to understand them.
Sometime premonition are good ones and sometime they are bad ones. I have had only the bad ones. I saw my father fall, my 11 years of marriage is now over ( I saw how it would end. Didn't like it).
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Post # 4
do you have premonitions with demons?
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