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A question
Post # 1
Hey guys, im Thalles. Im totally new on that stuff, so i want you to answere me some questions, plz. (I'm sorry if my enslish sounds weird somehow, english is my second linguage).

Why does every spell is wrotten like a poem? What candles, quartzo, and this kind of stuff has to do with magic?

Anyway, I do believe in magic... its just cos i dont understand why it works like that.

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Re: A question
Post # 2
Some religions within magick say you should write your spells in rhyme...other's do it because it's easier to remember.

All crystals have energy within them and are used for different purposes. Candles are used in candle magick and adhere (usually) to the definitions of color in color magick.

It's all symbolic and tools used by casters to aid them. Some people use none at all and accomplish the same thing. It depends on your beliefs and experience.
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Re: A question
Post # 3
I see... another question...

Can I become a spellcaster? Or i have to really work hard to do something...
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Re: A question
Post # 4
Everyone has to or should learn the basics of magick and practice if you wish to actually be successful.

Otherwise you're doing nothing more than speaking meaninless words and hoping it works.
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Re: A question
Post # 5
Because English is your second language is no excuse for bad English... but nevertheless your English is better than others in this site..
Now, going back to the topic of this thread. I will answer the same way the Healer did. It is better the spells to rhyme because it is easier to remember and it is easy for the subconscious to catch it. One can be a spell caster just by casting spells but one must know the basics to know what one is doing and know what to expect.
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Re: A question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Like healer said, there are forms of magick that don't require tools or symbolism just words (incantations).

Though i believe everyone has their own ways of magick, the basics are pretty much the same in every form of magick.

In study, you will come by basics, and my opinion, you should be able to see the difference in those two.
Religion does take part in magick, but i believe that everyone should develope their own views on magick without the religions forcing their views in the studies of a beginner.

I wish you all the luck you need in your path to becoming a witch.
Blessed be!

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Re: A question
Post # 7
Ok, thank you guys.

I had once a dark magic book on my hands. However, the spells were nasty. The author is S?o Cipriano (you might know him like Saint Chyprian). He wrote a book called O Leg?timo da Capa Preta - you can google it.

All the spells are satanists. He wasn't satanist though-- cos if he did, he probably wouldnt become a saint later. However he describes alot of nasty (and I won't lie: cool) spells. Including create a demmon (which includes write with your blood, give your soul to Lucifer, put you blood into a egg and wait to the little demmon burn). I know, weird.

But also I looked for Wiccan stuff-- they're cool. And here I saw ppl talking about angels, demmons, faery, vampires (it chocked me... trying to believe it yet) and lycans.

Anyway... I'm gonna start pratcing. I guess I should start with energy manipulation... Can anyone explain me what's that, please? How do I do that?

Thanks! ;)
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Re: A question
Post # 8
Try this for energy manipulation:

It's magically described.
If you can't open the link type Finding Sight in Google and open the first page.
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Re: A question
Post # 9
Ok... i started with Psi Ball-- I googled "energy manipulation" and many things about starting with Psi Ball appeared. Now Im trying to know if i did it. I stood a few hours praticing, and all I could feel was my hand getting very very hot. Then, imagining a ball between my hands, e felt like something magnetic was pushing my hands away.

- Is this a psi ball?
- Is this "ball" supposed to be visible? (i can only imaginate)
- If it does, is it visible to everyone?
- What can I do with them (the balls)?
- Is it energy manipulation at all?

I'm sorry, I'm asking too much...
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