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Name: alone3
Location: none of ur business! xp
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 07 Dec 2009

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hi everybody im maggie and... uhh... i guess ill just give u some random facts about me, since u insist on reading this boring little thing that is supposed 2 have my info in it:

-im straight

-im 14

-im a wiccan

-i have this phobia of girls who like other girls cuz i almost got raped by 1 when i was younger and 4 other reasons

-my fave kind of pie is blueberry

-as u can c, im extremely random

-i type like this, so get over it

-im dyslexic

-im nice unless a) i havent eaten in a long time, b) im in a bad mood/had a bad day c) im angry, or d) u mess with me

-i have ADD and OCD (theyre not disorders, theyre conditions!)

-my granny says that im "an angel with a sailors mouth". in other words, i curse a lot

-im very random

-im extremely sarcastic

-im weird

-im phsychopathic and PROUD OF IT

-im in 8th grade

-ive been a wiccan 4 about 3 years

-im in love (so those of u idiotic specimens of the male species, get those perverted ideas out of ur head now and i wont have 2 tell u off!)

-i have very strong and weird beliefs about love. well, theyre perfectly normal 2 me, but nobody ive ever met believes the same things

-i call PE torture class. cuz thats what it is. the class where they torture u. break out the iron maidens!

-i always wear a pentacle around my neck

-i hate ppl who think my religion is a myth and/or descriminate against wiccans/witches. same with ppl who do holiday things absentmindedly without even thinking about other ppls religions and that they might not be christian.

-i hate sluts

-if u mess with any1 i care about, u mess with me. and if u mess with me, u better run 4 it and pray im in a good mood.

-im extremely stubborn

-when i get mad, i get PISSED

-im usually pretty nice :)

-my fave colour is hot pink

-im gonna grow up 2 be a singer, tyvm

-i like 2 sing, dance, cook/bake (yes, there is a difference), draw, colour, watch anime, watch moves, watch TV, hang out with friends, shop, sleep, swim, talk, complain, read, sew and much more

thats all i can think of at the moment lol

and thats all i can think


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