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Name: deathcaller
Birthday: Dec 27 1995
Location: the divide
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 27 Jun 2015

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Personal Bio
I am 19 my name is dylan but i go by my middle name kade.I can be very aggressive if you make me mad enough i can cause serious damage when i want. i am a male. i have been practicing magic for about a 1 or 2 years.i can contribute to any coven due to the fact that i am good at casting elemental magic and conjuring. i want to join any coven because i can always learn more.

there are 3 things i hate


people who don't know when to just SHUT UP

and people who hate animals mostly dogs

i love dogs and other animals i have 9 dogs 2 of my dogs live with me and my grandparents the other 7 in the country with my mom 4 cats that live with my mom too and i had a snake.Also i love to run in the woods when i can. I also love nature and being around nature :)

if you wanna send me a message my kik is myth1124 snapchat kade.wigger and i have fb and skype

i can be friendly if you are one of the people i trust i am somewhat shy so if i don't talk to you for a while don't take it the wrong way ok i want to learn about people and their personality before judging.

i love to draw anime and play guitar. i also believe looks and age don't matter only personality.

I speak a little Latin not very much though and i know some Latin phrases like the following.........

ars longa, vita brevis

fortuna caeca est

omnia vincit amor

da mihi basilia mille

de prefandis

difficile est longum subito desponere amorem

dumi inter huminus sumus, colamus humantatem

if you want translations just message me...

i like the bands : ffdp, papa roach, linkin park, led zepplin, stone sour, a day to remember, eyes set to kill, ellie goulding, the perfect measure, nevershoutnever, cryptic wisdom, haelstorm, always look before you leap,Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Boys Like Girls,Hollywood Undead,Secondhand Serenade, Panic At The Disco,Paramore, metro station, show Me The Skyline,A Rocket To The Moon,MIKA, VersaEmerge, David Choi, This Providence,The Friday Night Boys, Fuel, and pretty much all other good bands(in my eyes they are good) :)


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