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Name: Alsenia
Location: Indiana, U.S.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 14 Jun 2010

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Personal Bio
Yoooo....... What to say, what to say.. Hmm, interesting that I have nothing to really say. I'll keep the basics, I guess?

Name- Just call me Anyme, if you interact with me.

Age- Mmm, hehe. 13-24? Heh.

Likes- Yaoi, Death, Darkness, Fun, Trustworthy friends(If there are any), Anime, Manga, Writing, Reading, Drwaing, WoW.

Dislikes- Stereo-typical people, people who dare think they're better than me, un-trustworthy people.

Height- Eh, I don't know.

Hair color- Black at the tips, brown at the top. Will soon be Black/Dull Pink/Dull Blue.

Eye color- Dark brown; almost black.

Favorite music- Rock, Classical.

Favorite color- Crimson, Black, and purple. (Somewhat pink.)

Sexual orientation- Hmm, I count myself as of bisexual, though I have no real attrations to anyone.

In a relationship?- Oh heavens no.

Any crushes?- ....Maybe just...One... He's not my type, I don't like him, I swear!

Family- A bitchy mother, but nothing else. My mom left my dad when I was a few months old and shes been a whore ever since.

Friends- Not many. One or two, I don't trust anyone.

My life- Well, as I said, my mother left my father when I was a few months old. She met someone we spent our lives with for 7 yrs, but she cheated. He knew she cheated. She had two boyfriends and even a future husband on the side. She left my father figure twice for the boyfriends she had on the side. The day mom left my father figure (The last time), she told me we were going shopping. When I think about it.. that day was the only day that I said "Bye-bye, I love you! I'll be home later!" Seems ironic, doesn't it? Instead of "Coming home later" I ended up leaving the town all together so my mom could meet up with her future husband. After a few months, they married. After they married, his true side came out. I was beat a few times, and he almost broke my back. My mom once again took me somewhere to where I didn't know. It was in the same town, and she started the divorce with the husband. Then she dated the husbands best friend who had a wife. Catching on now? Nowadays, the days with my father figure are just a happy dream. I live in Hell, and there's no escape. I'm hated, and everyday I wish for the happy days.. The happy days of youth.

Zodiac- Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac- Tiger

Elements- Fire and shadows.

Meh, I can't think about anything else. Who seriously cares..?


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