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Name: quietside
Birthday: Oct 30
Location: NY
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 06 Oct 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

I am an Eclectic Wiccan. I practice multiple areas. "Knowledge is power"

Elemental magic


Energy manipulation


Chakra control

Are several categories that I have studied and practiced.

I prefer the left hand path but keep an open mind to all.. That is just me.

I've been practicing Wicca for 10 years now but have been interested since I was younger when I found my mother's Book of Shadows.. I am a proud Scorpious.

I feel like King Midas who turns all he touches to gold but instead i turn everything good into ashes.

I believe in what I believe in, there is no general term for it. I believe in dreaming. Making goals. and taking life by your own grasp.

If you are a FLUFF don't bother messaging me period. No one has time for that. So with that said, get off my profile.

Thank you for reading everyone else:) I am always open for questions, though I don't always have an answer I will answer all to the best of my abilities.

Below is a poem written by yours truly. Enjoy :)

"The abyss"

Inspired depression by emotional desolation, no longer the fighting progression just a relapse of lust dripping from loves lacerations.

And I die, with you by my side just another illusion, just to get by another day my own substitution, filling a hole left empty years ago

no this abyss, tearing me apart i never wanted to feel this, emptiness, left a dark rift in my chest you can see this, never again, never again, will I feel like a human never again, never again will I feel any more

And I die, with you by my side just another illusion,( just another illusion) just to get by another day my own substitution, filling a hole left empty years ago (years ago) I still dont want to let go

love me not, love drunk on redrum I let these memories rot, in a crimson grave, a severed heart drips remorse filling rivers of hate.

and with my dying breath (with my dying breath) my words stay the the same I never wanted to feel this, sting like burning flesh, (like burning flesh) rub the salt from your tears in my cuts I cant take this. lay it to rest. Hatred you are dismissed oh lay it to rest


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