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Name: Sabrewulf
Location: Agharta
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 28 Mar 2017

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To any who read this: I ask that you read all of this and try to understand it before coming to me with ridiculous questions. I am not a werewolf, nor will I help you become one. If that's what you came to find out, stop reading now. Also, if you're a vampire of any kind, don't waste your time contacting me at all.

I'm a therian. A therian is a human who identifies with an animal on a psychological and/or spiritual level. Some develop sooner in life, others later. Therianthropy is not acquired, it is latent. One does not "become" a therian; it isn't contracted like a virus and we do not "embrace" others. It's like a genetic mutation--you're either born with it or you're not.

In my case, the animal in question is a wulver. This mythological creature is a humanoid wolf native to the Shetland Islands of Scotland (commonly misidentified as "werewolf"). I'm still learning to work with it, but it's difficult. The wulver will often show itself during times of heightened emotion or extreme sensations.

**DISCLAIMER** - I do not claim to be able to shapeshift, though I hope to gain that ability one day. I ask anyone who reads this not to waste my time asking me to make them a werewolf. I came to this site to learn, not to deal with immature teenagers who are unhappy with who they are and want to change their form because they think it would be cool.

**EXAMPLE** This message was sent to me by a user on here (who will remain nameless)

Subject : hybrid

Message : please help me become a vampire/werewolf hybrid

I DO NOT tolerate this kind of garbage. Even if I COULD help someone transform, I wouldn't...especially into THAT kind of abomination. Shapeshifting is something that takes years to learn and many more to master.

I am an ordained minster of the Universal Life Church. I love music (classic rock, classic metal, and classical are my favorites), reading (classic horror such as Frankenstein and Dracula), and video games (Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, and Pokemon). Above all, I love my friends and family. Through time and trials, my friends have become more than friends to me. My friends ARE my family.

If anyone here wants to talk on something other than the PM system here, ask me and I'll share email addresses and IM info


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