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Name: Wolf7869
Location: deep under ground or san frinsco
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 17 Apr 2017

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My name is Savannah your probably looking at my profile right now.

I joined this website cause I know all about magic. Wondering what magic I know? I know all kinds of magic! I was born with a special power..I was born with witchcraft magic. I never discovered my true special power inside me until i was about 11 years old. I now know how important magic Is. I know the charmed one's power. I got the spells from there witch craft spell book. I only use the witchcraft spells only for important things. My family doesn't believe magic neither does my friends do. I'm just the only one who believes most in it. I'm also a trouble maker a lot, I like to do mean stuff to people when I get mad sometimes. I got some great news though I don't do mean stuff anymore to people Because I'm a witch craft cousin I help the charmed ones who need help to banish the evil ones or any demons who try to bring evil to the world. I also have a special secret in me.

I have wings. I never use them. Only if its for emergencies or sometimes fun. I always create new witch craft spells with the charmed ones after a year had passed. I'm the only one in my family with this special power. I never spread the witchcraft book secret or any of the spells. Wondering why I cant spread It to you guys? It could be very dangerous to you. You do a spell wrong it could leave permeant damage on you, or something more worse like death. Witch craft is the most powerful lest magic ever known on earth or people ever known as It Is. If you want to know witchcraft spells you half to find the book of witchcraft. It has the shadow sign on the bottom of the book in the front. It only can be found with the charmed ones are, or very deep under ground in san Frisco or u can find it on the website for witched craft spell books. Just for a little bit of a more deeper secret about me. I'm Latin. So I can read any Evil Latin, Devil spelling or magic of there's. That's why I'm so important to the charmed one's. I'm there little hidden witch craft cousin. I never new that until I found out on the yahoo answers that one person said ''do you have a witchcraft cousin that knows your spells?"

The charmed sisters said yea yes her name is savannah. I was shocked at first then I was so excited cause there the 3 witches that are the most strongest on earth. Then my whole life changed then. I became one of there witch craft cousin. Want to find way more than this!

look at more websites that include Magic, Witchcraft, and also rituals.

you'll find me there.

Thanks guys!


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