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Name: Seandubh
Birthday: May 19 1988
Location: glendale, az, us
Last Seen: Sun, 18 Sep 2016

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s mise Se?n,

just your friendly neighborhood suave, eccentric, and misunderstood genius outsider mystic here, an acolyte and product of everything, from seventies proto-punk to avant-garde jazz to nineteen eighties independent "college rock" bands. also the dark, old school, cynical-ass film noir classics, the twisted Day-Glo world of strange ?cult? films, the beyond weird, psychotronic horror and exploitation flicks, and underground experimental films, as well as literature in the same vein; that of the mad, drug-fueled, counter-cultural iconoclasts through history, [my only existing kindred spirits coming up, as I am myself a sensitive outcast]: dedicated, brilliant, though sadly unrecognized, lonesome, dedicated visionary outsider freak... and besides the whole existence being art concept, I prolifically bring strange, mind-assaulting, semi-abstract art into being-- pieces that are uncanny visual manifestations of the bizarre prose poems and essays I produce, all extensions of my own surreal sensibility--which is to say, that of your everyday [non-pretentious][?] punk rock mentality havin', Latter-Day Beatnik oddball. not at all related, but morecentral to my identity, and to to me, I?m a solemnly-dedicated occultist, and gnostic neo-pagan; all things considered though, stripping it down, I?m primarily just a really cool, witty, nice-like type of cat to spend time with, in a number of ways. I only went on about myself just now, to get it out the way, because even in more ?casual encounters?, as it were, with someone of the female persuasion who I'm excited to meet, I am ultimately more into listening and being tuned into the lady in question...rather than pin my company down, [holding court,] with my commanding hyper-verbosity, and talk raping the poor-girl, self-indulgently going on-and-on, and on, and on about myself, and, twelve or fifteen bizarre, in all likelihood, interesting subjects, as I, admittedly, otherwise would, in most situations save, perhaps for meeting up, and getting to know a gal I?m sincerely interested by, and genuinely want to click it with; in which case I'd shut up--in part because I?m a gentleman, and, it is, as they say, rude to talk with ones mouthful... which means you can shut me up, as often as possible, and with no desire or implication on my part for any obligatory reciprocation.


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