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Name: Lisetella
Location: In my coffee, drinking kitchen.
Last Seen: Wed, 03 Aug 2016

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(Art by Himaruya Hidekaz) (I am rather new to this, so please don't judge me too quickly if my questions or statements seem rather idiotic or clueless to you.)

Hello! You can call me Liset. I won't try to put out too much personal information on here for my own safety & privacy, so this is just going to be a series of random facts about me, my interests, my hobbies, etc. On the other side of things, I enjoy things that have to do with nature. Quite weirdly, (Due to popular belief on this being weird), I believe they have their own spirits & such. I also like the practice of using herbs & other plants as wards & helpful charms. Sadly though, I don't yet know too much about this subject, nor do I have a good idea of what each plant & herb does, but I have the basic understanding of some of it. I as well like things from Japanese media like Anime & Manga along with a lot of their electronic products & video games. I like comics from America too in addition to some of our T.V. shows & major movies, but that's it. I'm casually a punk goth & very largely a Victorian & Steampunk goth. I watch a lot of Youtube. I'm also an artist & author. I am however, better at writing rather than drawing. I have a male pet beta fish named Emil after the Hetalia character because I thought it was a nice name & I have a connection with that character. (Hetalia is an anime for those of you who have not heard of it before & would like to see it. It was before-hand a manga, but I recommend watching the anime first because it is in my opinion way worse than the masterpiece that is the manga. That's how it usually goes with anime-adaptations of manga.) I also have a dog named Bella, sadly after the Twilight character. My mother named her. (Twilight is an American movie about Vampires & Werewolves & all that jazz that personally isn't all that great, but if you're into that kind of thing, I recommend it. It was previously a novel that I am told was exponentially better.)


[ What Bands or Solo Singers I Listen To A LOT:

My Chemical Romance | Pierce The Veil | System of a Down | Marilyn Manson | Panic! At The Disco | Good With Grenades | Three Days Grace | Skillet | Breaking Benjamin | Of Monsters & Men| The White Stripes | Lady Gaga | Fall Out Boy | Awolnation | Vocaloid | The 1975 | Melanie Martinez | Halsey | Simon Curtis | Set It Off | Troye Sivan | Slipknot | The Killers | Blink 182 | Greenday | The All American Rejects | Lana Del Rey | Modest Mouse | Arctic Monkeys | Franz Ferdinand | Indila | EXO | Taeyeon. ]


[ My Favorite Video Games:

The Entire Legend of Zelda franchise | Minecraft | The Entire Elder Scrolls Franchise | ]


[ Foods I Particularly Like:

So, for starters, I really like coffee. It's my favorite beverage & overall treat in general. However, I am VERY sensitive to it's non-mental effects on the body, so I can't have it all that much. It has little to no affect on me when it comes to keeping me awake. I also really like black licorice, and yes, trust me, I do indeed know this is a VERY unpopular opinion but I am a very bitter person, and apparently it shows through my food tastes. I also like pastries of all kinds, and you will see why in a bit. ]


[ Hobbies I have:

I like baking a lot, It's really fun & the outcome is usually very delicious, so it's a win-win. I also love writing, it helps my escape when I am particularly depressed or distressed in general. I also love creating a world of my own & allowing others to escape with me. That's probably why I like Minecraft so much. One of my other hobbies is drawing, even If I am currently not the best at it, I will keep training to get better. I do enjoy skateboarding & rollerskating in addition, and swimming is really fun. I however, rarely do those things, but they're still hobbies. ]


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