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Name: Capricorny
Birthday: Jan 9 2002
Location: Heh
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 15 Jul 2016

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I am fourteen years old and have been practicing wicca and Magick since I was nine years old. Many transformation spells on here don't work- obviously; but they do indeed trick your brain into thinking you have the perks of such. Example: werewolf? You seem to chew faster, your stomach hurts before a full moon, your bones ache and so on. Reading what could happen after you preform a spell can trick your mind into thinking that is happening when you are done preforming such spell. Keep in mind- not everything is as it seems.

Growing up I was Christian but as the views of how modern life is and society with everything changing; I turned to the only place I truly knew. Witchcraft. After a while I became Atheist- Now I can say I am a "healthy" mix of Wicca/Pagan and Atheistic Satanism. Sounds bad, I know. Fun Fact! Not all "Satanists" "worship" Satan, actually, at least 76% of "Satanism" don't worship or think about Satan as their "lord and savior" at all.

The only thing that defines us as "existing" to me, is time. Without time, we do not exist. If anyone would like to talk to me, I would like that more than anything. :)

Thinking about life and complex details of the things we call "existing" intrigues me; I enjoy writing stories, drawing, practicing spells (of course) and just having time to myself, really.

I also enjoy fandoms, as well. I was into many but the one I was recently in was "Undertale" as many of you might know already. The famous "Pokemon GO" app is interesting as well. As time goes on, my belief in everything, really, begins to fade. I remember when I believed in "ghosts" or "spirits" and "entities." I made an Ouija board and purposefully didn't end it by saying "Good Bye" to hope that something would come out. Lets just say my Paranoia got the best of me that night. I try to "summon" spirits and call them to our "realm" or time and place of "being" but all else fails.

I like researching and helping animals and dedicate most of my time into doing so. I am a Capricorn, if you couldn't already guess by my username. Hahah...

I have severe Anxiety and take medication for such, I have Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism), A.D.D, Borderline Personality Disorder, Paranoid schizophrenia, OCD, mild PTSD and Cyclothymic Disorder.

I am constantly writing and torn between not caring and caring too much, like many of you are as well I bet.



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