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Name: Richad
Location: Shoreham by Sea West Sussex U.K.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 12 Aug 2011

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I often find it difficult to give as it were a biographical explanation of who/what I am, my faith is universal, I take nothing for granted, and realise that others see me in a far different light to the view I may propose for myself. Having experienced Hauntings, and mediumistic adventures, and having recieved a full bell, book and candle exorcism at the hands of the Reverend Christopher Niall-Smith I am aware that Magic, in all her shades and colours exists.

Some purport to the existence of Black or Satanic Witchcraft, which is a form of the craft that has been turned from the truth of the old ways to an idea that power begets power, and to gain power one must sacrifice self and everything self stands for, and to banish all Good and to embrace Evil. This is not my way, this is not my path! At 58 I have passed through the gates of loneliness, have supported many in their trials to self awareness and have instilled (by hypnosis placed upon myself) an ancient knowledge, passed from the old female guardian of storms to new female guardian of storms through a male intelligence. The storm witches of England, have long had this hidden power, and their interaction as Earth Mother Consorts, with the hypnotic ability to transfer information without contact has been the only way to preserve their fragile anonymity. I realise this may appear fantastical, but such has happened and will happen again and again through our history! Meeting the Old Witch, and implanting her memories to a younger more able Witch, has left a residue of the information which will remain with me till the day I pass beyond! My special ability lies in that I am able to assimilate information, some of which comes from a psychic link, and which allows me to Answer unanswerable questions! I Am A Book, Read Me! A wiccan of my aquaintance who has long since passed beyond, once asked me the following question, why do my conjurations involving fire magic result in being burned in some way by the invocational fire? After several hours the answer presented itself in the form of a series of searching questions;

1, When conjuring with this magic, are you robed or skyclad?

1A, We are robed!

2, What form do the robes take?

2A, The robes are elegantly embroidered satin!

3, Who made the robes?

3A, We paid a professional manufacturer to make and embroider them!

From these brief questions I was able to determine why the Fire Magic did not work for his coven nor for himself!

Robe Formulary

If you are wearing robes manufactured by another the robes take on the energy whether good, bad or indifferent of the manufacturer, an energy which is not easily dissipated by use of any salt or crystal or ritual cleansing! If you intend to wear robes each robe must be made by the person intending to wear them, thus instilling your own energy into the robe. The best robes are made of home spun and woven fabric. An inexpensive loom can be bought for this purpose. This is a process, which further instils your own psychic energies into the robe, and must be enhanced by the thread used to manufacture the garment, most wiccans wear their hair long as a sign of respect for the mother goddess, use your own hair to sew the robe, thus the robe is yours, instilled and blessed with your own energy field. Any embelishments must be home and hand manufactured, hand carved buttons or brooches will allow closure of the robe, pins cast from gold or silver on the seventh full moon of the year will ensure that the whole ensemble is virtuous. Unfortunately washing can seem a very daunting task, as in order to do so and retain the energy, the robe must be laundered in OWN URINE LYE, (look up methods of lye production in the Elizabethan age)once the lye has been produced in sufficient quantities you will note that there is no noticeable aroma, and natural essences of Lavender, Rosemary even Muguet will make the soap thus provided more attractive to the robe wearer!

As a child in England I levitated, it seemed perfectly normal till Grandma hit me hard several times and told me I was bad! She was terrified that I would go the way of one of her Aunts, Great Aunt Cissy (Cecilia), had been nine when she died from a fall of 50ft. Cissy had levitated privately since she was four, but aware that her family had dismissed her claims as mere childish fantasy, she decided to prove them wrong, she floated unerringly up fifty feet to her elder sisters bedroom window where the shock of seeing Cissy floating outside her window caused her to scream, this scream distracted Cissy and concentration gone she fell to the pavement fifty feet below and died instantly. In the mid eighties I had an experience of demonic possesion, which caused me severe problems, I had heard a disembodied voice ask "Don't you want me any more?" this followed some other spooky stuff, which I am fully aware really happened, but following the event I was forced to consider Exorcism as the only recourse left for me! Sometimes I have dreams that occur during the waking day and lead to a new meeting or association so maybe others have experienced this link, this breal in the essence of humanity that seems to fill our thoughts and dreams


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