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Name: Tielenth
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 16 Oct 2016

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

Facebook: view

Personal Bio

Name: *private*

Nickname: Applejack

Magick name ( public Magickname ): MoonFire Longtail

Element: Fire

Constellation: Aries

Dragon guardian: *private*

Loves: alien vs predator, minecraft, music, barn owls, digital art, being alone, crystals (especially smoky quartz), creepypasta

Hates: dogs, infants, demons, ouji boards, common man, water

Familiar: *don't have one yet*

Magick: dragon, fire, healing

Weakness: I have a soft spot for owls especially snowy owls and barn owls

info: do not come to me saying you need to be healed, I do not heal people. And do not message me over and over and over again, if you have facebook please message me from there, if you don't then ask all questions in one or two messages, I will answer them in order, the way people have been treating me is very unsettling and I am currently going to stop teaching people about dragons until I become a mystic, I am currently an apprentice, I am obsessed with wars so if you tell me a war is coming then I probably won't be able to be stopped, I have been called a child, arrogant, and selfish for no apparent reasons, that's why I heal myself now, and if you start off bad with messaging me then I will probably keep you blocked, so if your in serious need of help and come crawling to me, you won't be able to receive my help, so you should of treated me better, I am not against the common man I just hate them, I would never hurt them but I just think they are extremely annoying. So don't come complaining to me about being against them, do not message me stupid questions of why I'm harsh, other wiccans made me like this, they should of treated me how they would want to be treated. But if you....perhaps....are interested in dragons message me, but keep me out of your questions!!!

I like to talk about: familiars, movies, dragons, hippogriffs, anime, magick, creepypasta.

***later on I will make a spell to summon laughing jack without having the struggle to find an abandoned carnival :)***

If anyone knows if a creature spell works (don't lie my Mon-Tey will tell me if your lying and I will block you) please message me...I do not tell people which creatures I want to summon, create, conjure, you get the idea...

I'm currently searching for a way to get a snowy owl familiar...if anyone knows how I can get one please message me!!!

If you know a simple spell to change my voice that isn't advanced please message me...I am grateful to those who help me.


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