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Name: Tiny_otaku
Location: San diego, california
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 31 Mar 2016

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Rawr!! Ello my name is evelina!

( My information so you wont bother me )

My name is evelina im 17 years old, i act like im younger tbhXD. Ive been paracticing magic since i was 15 and im an electic witch. I was baptized to be a christian/catholic but i wasnt that fond of the religion. Im not trying to sound offensive or anything to anyone who is cristian and or catholic it just didnt feel right for me.

One day when i was internet searching online about witchcraft works ( anime series i used to watch a lot ) and i decided to do research on real witches well because i obviously have enough common sense to tell that you cant teleport, becone invisible, make fire apear out of nowhere etc. And when i did search up " real witches " ( i was still a noob to this kind of thing so thats what i searched up sorry ) then a lot of things popped up like the real witches in history ( i got really scared tbh because of how they described witches online ugly, disfigured, and evil but then i thought what the heck? This cant be true right? So I clicked on another link that said " spellsofmagic " aka this website. Thats actually how i found this website, i started reading the forums and everything. It had really good information, i liked this website so much that i finally made an account and i hardly ever do that with other websites. ( oh and sorry if all of the things im saying is out of order ) Sometimes i want to write things on forums but i get too shy and end up just waiting for someone to ask the question for me.

Personal junk about yours truly-

My favorite color is------- hint hint hint starts with a b

Favorite animal is bah bah bah!!! Penguins!!

My favorite songs ------ piece by piece sung by kelly clarkson, tiptoes by unknown singer, enchanted by owl city, the crush song by twaimz, cruel world by unknown singer, young and beautiful by lana del rey, and all the pokemon theme songs. I heard these songs from a wierd girl i know irl.

Genres()()()()(); nightcore!, remixes, pop, rap, and sometimes tribal/indie.

Appearance-----yeah right like i would tell you lol

Personality type?????? What the what? My personality type is undescribable bam! Cause im too unique to have a known personality type.


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