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Name: sirendemon
Birthday: Mar 1
Location: Being held down by the chains of depression and hate
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 22 Sep 2016

Membership: Member

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I own this account and share it with my little sis if u want to know more about me or her just ask oh BTW her names max she's 13 I'm 17 now oh and that thing under this !y sis wrote also the location and picture


Her black wings spread in the mist of night the moon light making her black hair glow she walks to me I am just a simple girl and yet I have fallen for a death angel her black dress flows with the wind of the sea she takes my hand I change my wings grow my clothes turn to a torn up black dress my hair shortens over my eye she leans in clothes and says the gods get keep me away I love u too much in a soft voices I hug her and she says I must go before the gods see me missing goodbye for now she fly's away her skin pale as the sand in the sea and her hand as soft as a cloud


I look at u crying on the inside

I am the only one to c

u have let me closer then the rest

but u also lied to me I loved u

I thought u loved me I cut my wrist

I cut my heart every thing changes when

u lie to me u knew my past u knew my heart breaks

I try my best to forgive and forget but it fails

I yelled at u I screamed and now ur leaving me

I know its my fault I know u could never love me

now goodbye my love you'll never have to see me again


Hey I'm max so I'll just straight up tell u about me I'm a lesbian I have 1 mistress I'm taken online and single irl anyways I love TV, games,movies,girls,furrys,Kitty's,puppy's, snakes,spiders, insects, drawing,creepy pasta , rp, and hanging with my friends oh also cuddling things


Mail me plz I'm lonely


Here's some advice

1 don't mail me if u hate gays

2 no no no no no no nah nope never

3 screw the word all that matters is my paper, pencils, markers, and friends


I'm on the edge of of the lions den people run up and push me in thinking I'll come back stronger but I only return weaker


Her heart was a solid glass stone in the beginning every time someone betrayed her it chipped a little then her favorite uncle died and there was a hole from that they started now her hearts so fragile I order guards around her heart and if someone chipps it agian they die but someone got past a took a chunk now we have double the guards but her heart one day will anyway she is too young for it now so plz be careful if u try to care for it-me (Emily) for my little sis moxie


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