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Name: Siriso
Location: Georgia, USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 05 Jul 2016

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Grew-up exposed to folk magic in the Appalachian Foothills. I consider myself an eclectic Hoodoo practitioner. Though Hoodoo's what I practice, I've studied other magickal philosophies. I've been a self-proclaimed witch for about nine years now. Having moved to Georgia from Alabama, I was disconnected from the quite active pagan community there. It seems as if the Georgia witches prefer reclusive, dark closets. I'm here seeking like-minds for conversation.

I'm Teaching a Free Class on Magick!

If you're interested in taking my class, click on the link in the "Website" section of my profile or visit My class will center around the Blackthorn Tradition of my own creation based on my studies and experiences. I hope to expand it into a research group eventually. We're NOT a Wiccan group, so please be aware of that going in. If you're interested in joing, sign up on the website I linked to and send me a message on here with the username you signed up with on the website. I'll add you to the "Initiate Group" and you'll be able to see the lessons as I post them.


Feel free to ask me anything you'd like. If I am able to help, I will try to. However, I suggest reading the beginner articles on this site first. Worth noting that if you ask me for a spell, I'll more than likely end up trying to teach you how to create your own. So, if you don't want to put in the effort, you might want to save yourself the time. Also worth noting that I seem to be out of "vampire/fairy/werewolf dust," so if you're trying to become one, might want to look elsewhere! Generally speaking, though, I'm a nice guy and I don't quite think there's a such thing as a "stupid question."


I do not do readings for money. I do not do tarot readings over the internet at this time. I, however, can do general readings for you or your home if you provide a photo (free of charge). In particularily I have had my fair share of encounters with "hauntings" and "cleansings" and like to lend a hand when I can.


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