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Name: Miu_kai
Location: A shrine under a sakura tree.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 06 Jul 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

...I'm a shintoist, and I'm very interested in learning to control my energy manipulation abilities more.

I know a lot about energy manipulation, astral species, astral shifting, Ofuda, mythology and more, but I am always looking to learn!

Please note - when I say "we" I mean kitsune as a whole. I have devoted myself to Inari and am a spiritual kitsune, not physical.

The truth about Kitsune:

  • Kitsune is a general term. It means fox-spirit.
  • Some kitsune are sworn to Inari, and may call themselves kitsune or Kitsune-Myobu.
  • Kitsune have six natural tama, one in each paw, one in the main tail, and one on the forehead.
  • Kitsune can turn spherical objects into extra Tama.
  • We are energy vampires.
  • We often spiritually hold our tama around our necks, or within our bodies.
  • Unlike the myths, Ofuda is not a kitsune-only magic. Anyone can do it, with enough practice.
  • We can make 'wish tags' and put them on trees. Normally the wishes come true within a few days.
  • Tenko are kitsune which have ascended to the heavens, often after reaching 100 tails or 1,000 years of spiritual age. Whichever comes first. They may lose their tails as they get older, or they may keep them.
  • A lot of Tenko are regarded very highly, however there are the few that are not.
  • Tenko and Kitsune-Myobu are different. The lady, a 300-tailed kitsune-myobu, is holy and is a right-hand to Inari. Tsuki-momo, a 15-tailed, 1,200 year old Tenko, is very wise but is not considered holy.
  • We do not need a shrine to be considered a kitsune.
  • Kitsune can have more than nine tails. It's a myth to say that they can only have nine.
  • Nogitsune are kitsune which do not follow Inari. They often tend to be evil.
  • Yako are not nogitsune, and they are merely wild. Not sworn to Inari, but not necessarily evil either.

Hopefully that clears up some issues I've seen around there.


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