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Name: KrazyKendra
Birthday: Aug 4 2002
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 26 Oct 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

~Hello~ Welcome to my bio! You can call me Krazy Kendra or Krazy K for short. I love to

help out and write spells or a recipe for a potion if you want one. I have been studying magic

for 4 years


~Skilled Topics~ I practice are herbalism , nature magick, and kitchen magick. I am

connected to trees with a magickal bond. I can sense the energy from and they provide me

with energy. I believe spirts live in trees and that they help me everyday.


~More Topics ~ I also practice enchantments, crystal work, elemental magic, Conjuring

spells, and rarely I do curses. I have a few physic abilities. For example, I can read peoples

emotions by watching them or looking into their eyes (empathic) . I can also sense if there is

magic surrounding me. I love to sing but I rarely sing in front of people. When I do sing

though, my emotions show in my music and I can change the feeling of others

if they listen to me.


~Magick Info~

Element: Earth

Aura: Blue

Birth Stone: Peridot

Zodiac: Leo

Spirit Animal: Lion-

Path: I prefer right but sometimes I get off course-


~Little More About Me~

Age: 13

SO: Female Straight-

Favorite Gem: Amythest-

Flower: Rose-

Tree: Russian Olive

Herb: Lemon Balm

Color: Dark Purple, Dark Red, Dark Green, and Dark Blue

Relationship: Single, recently been cheated on-

Personality: Loyal, friendly, loving, smart, weird, crazy, unique, shy in front of guys, and a

? tree hugger


~Consideration~ ~If you message me please add a subject that is not "Hey" or "What Up".

Please be polite. I will answer if you need help or want me to show you a spell or two. I don't

mind teaching a few things I know because I love helping people. People who violate this

will be blocked, thank you!


~If you have any questions just ask! :)


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