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Name: sagina15
Location: springfield ohio
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 17 Sep 2017

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May the goddess shower her blessings on you.. Hello im sagina ive been a witch all my life.. Ive seen amazing stuff.. And seen some nit so amazing stuff.. But hey we gotta take the bad with the good right.. Anyways im retired truck driver.. But anyone will tell ya thats been out there.. Even if your not out there your still out there.. Just this witchcraft of ours.. You may not be in it but your in it.. Your soul your spirit your blood.. Anyone that is even curious and has asked questions about it.. Tueir in it or hear the call if not they wouldnt be asking.. I enjoy every bit of witchcraft.. It upsets me that some are in it to hurt pple. Reguardless if they jnow the last part of our decree.. Harm none.. Doesnt mean you have to stabd for some that want to be but to afraid of taken the first step.. It doesnt mean that you have to stand for pple beatin you or religion up.. It simply means.. If youve doje all that you can take.. Do what you thinkis best for you.. Thats what the last means.. Harm none if cant.. Do what ya will.. Means take action correctly and only use what you think is best to keep you safe.. Im a stiticher also a craft maker as well as tools for pple in witchcraft.. You can say im actually bringing back a old tradition.. Things that we use to use long many moons ago.. We use to buy thibgs that were hand made.. And we found it more powerful that way.. But now wuth the genrration everyone is buyin stuff that humans hands dont every touch.. What happened to the tradition of trading energy to energy to energy.. Thats why it was so important to buy things that a living breathing heart beating human being tpuched and made.. I dont use anything manufactured. I make it myself cause i get better energy and more powerful.. Anyways givin a shout out to those in the springfield dayton area. To those who are of the craft or lookin to learn of it.. The Inner Peace Coven/Dragons lair.. Are calling to those who are lookin for a home.. Give me a shout on here or on facebook.. Venus fae wicce is my fb account..


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