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Name: darkkawaiixx
Birthday: Apr 20 1994
Location: Azusa, CA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 19 May 2016

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Well hello there, I am a very friendly person and I am not looking for a bf/gf. I'm here for friends. I am very new to this occult and I'm learning to be a solitary witch, so you have any suggestions please tell me. Things I'm going to learn is rituals, tarot, pendulum, and spells. Yes, I am going to write my own spells, for right now, I'm just meditating to create more energy.I am going to do both white and black magick, but in reality magick has no color.

I may share some of my spells that I created on here, it may or may not work. Right now I'm writing a combo spell for both breakup/return lover spell and a protection spell. I am very sensitive to the spirit world and I had 3 witches telling me that there's a lot of spirit portals around me, I also have a weird ability to sense things, because my room is full of negative energy, I can only sense the bad things which cause me to have insomnia because I don't wanna see it and I usually see it through dreams. Please do not ask me for werewolf, vampire, and mermaid spells, they don't exist and you will never turn into a werewolf, vampire, and a mermaid; you are human! Also I don't cast spells for others because I have never cast a spell before and I always get asked to do a love spell, and yes I believe in love spells (even against their will), but I haven't done any, I'm still learning.

Besides what I'm learning here's a little personal information of myself. I was raised with a Catholic family and they believe this occult is evil, I am a curious girl and I've been to several churches (Christian, Muslim, and Jehovah's Witness). I do not judge people, I only judge people who are judging others. Since little, I've always been interested in paranormal stuff and I have encountered several paranormal activities, mainly in my room, which is all of them are bad because they were evil spirits, they would leave and come back few months or years later. Hopefully I end up having a very nice spirit friend. I am also studying demons, not for Satanism, but to help with people who's dealing with bad spirits. I also love anime, videogames, and cars lol I'm half tomboyish half girly girl.

To answer everybody's questions, because this is the number one Question I get asked, no I am not Asian or half Asian and I'm Latina. Both sides from my family are from Mexico and I was born in the U.S.


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