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Name: GabrielAngel
Birthday: May 18 2001
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 21 Jul 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello, my name is Gabriel. i never really know what to talk about in a bio so i'll just say a bit about myself.

As i just said my nmae is Gabriel.

I am 14 years old.

I have been practicing magic for a few years.

I especially excel at wind based magic.

I love to talk to people, so if anyone wants to talk my kik is gabedackerman

Many of my spells are not taught to me, and i do not find them. i just simply learn them.

I love helping people. So talk to me if you ever need help.

If You have any questions please message me.

I practice mostly light magic, but i do practice a few much darker spells as well.

I believe (whether you choose to take me seriously or not) that i am or was at some point an angel.

I use some angelic abilities and magic. (I can't teach them to you, as they are much different from normal spells)

I can force myself into an out of body state.

I can sometimes use a very alternate method of healing.

My zodiac sign is Taurus.

Relationship status is single.

My sexual orientation is straight.

My favorite music groups are Hollywood Undead, And Mayday Parade.

I love writing poetry.

I've had my fair share of troubles, and it isn't looking up just yet, but i'm more worried about others than myself.

My favorite color is dark blue.

Although my Zodiac sign is of the earth category, my element is Air.

And just to give you a taste of my poetry, here's my most recent poem;

So i look in the mirror and wonder if this is the end.

I think of my life, my family, and a dead friend.

In my mind I see him smiling his face so bright.

Him laying down his head gently, sleeping soundly every night.

But alas he is gone never to return.

His memories burned but not stored in any urn.

I look in the same mirror as my eyes fill with tears.

I think about my dreams, and my unnecessary fears.

My dead friend had fears too, though much more logical than mine.

Unlike me he wasn't scared all the time.

He wasn't scared for his life, he didn't have to run.

He joy was everlasting, trampled by none.

But i wasn't jealous as i was happy too.

We were always looking for a new adventure, thinking what to do.

One last time i look in the mirror, and think of all he couldn't be.

But then i remember, that dead friend, it's me.

That's about all i can think of. if you want to know anything more, please feel free to message or kik me. kik is preferred.


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