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Name: walker109
Birthday: Apr 10 2000
Location: Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 25 Mar 2017

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I'm in training of wicca by my mother and so far I'm doing okay I mainly want learn dragon magic and other types as well that are the light no dark. i have strong energy in me according to my mother and that my powers are growing differently than others/becoming more stronger. I have casted some spells before as well

I'm 15 love reading and watching anime and love learning anything about dragons like animals I have visions of the future which I had since I was a kid I feel like I'm older than I should and for some reasons I would say something wise out of the blue

my younger brother had a dream that the demons came to this world and that the sky was red and I went missing but the weird thing is that I had a dream that the sky was red and dead body's were everywhere and I picked up gun but ever since he told me his dream my one dream is adding more details in it

and I'm Aries and Aries control the element of fire but I think I can control more than one element

A dragons prayer shall always be with you

I'm school now so if I don't reply for a long time I'm in school so ya I'll make sure to reply cause I like talking to people:)

I'm sick of people picking on me if you don't like me than don't bother talking to me ok I already have depression problems which I control with ease but I am easily to be upset and sad

For anyone wondering I'm part native american and I'm related to crazy horse that's if anyone knows there history//and I have native american shaman in me,

My spirit beings I have a lot I have all elemental dragons and the dark dragons and I have a gold rainbow colored dragon which is the biggest I even have a purple dragon and multiply fairy's three warlocks two angels and 5to 7 of each animal and a lot of other people and four elementals.

I am spirit blessed/kissed by many/ a lot of spirits lately and I keep getting the feeling of tiredness and oldness and wiseness I already feel like I'm older than I should which I already mentioned in my bio already

I just found out that my mom has been chaining my other/evil self down.

Finally got a new tablet since my dad smashed my other one

Don't cast spells for people but need help with understanding something I'll try my best of helping

My evil self been acting up so got my dragon spirit and evil self spirit fighting in me.


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