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Name: BlackClaw
Location: Downwind
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 18 May 2015

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I am 17 years old, i have been practicing magick for about half a year-most of a year now, i have studied magick off and on for about 5. I am a Hunter, a survivalist, and heavily tribal in nature. I am loyal to my blood and those i respect. Ones blood might not alwasy be right but they will always be your kin.

I feel incredibly close to nature and animals at times, but also distant from other aspects of my life and i began to study deities and deity work more intensely as of late. I know a great deal more about Norse traditon than anything else but i have so much yet to learn.

--My current practices include


-A knowledge of plants and herbs

-Experimentation with altered states

-Honoring of land spirits (landvaettr)

-Curiosity and modest reading in areas pertaining to shamanism


The only thing i desire anymore is simple guidance to find my own path. To listen instead of blither on. If anyone has any advice, any ideas, or any suggestions i am more than happy to hear them.


Though my hunting experience is very limited, i love it and hope to graduate to bigger game than simple deer. I one day intend to hunt everything from Elk to Crocs. Prey and Predators alike.

My personal Hunting Ethic (not ment to force my view on others, simply my personal code)

-Kill only Male animals if possible, best to leave possible offspring or pregnant mothers out of danger

-Thank the animal for its sacrifice & Do not waste the animal nor disgrace it, instead of stuffing it, save the bones, use them, the meat, treat the fur, keep things leftover for future projects or trophy's.

-(This one is highly out of preferance) Hunt with a bow, bladed weapon, or a weapon which gives the animal a fighting chance. (i typically refraim from guns and firearms)

-Before a hunt make a customary prayer and/or offering to the Landvaettr or Deity of Choice

-Do not hunt Sick, disabled, or another hunters prey

-If an animal is dying or is in extreme pain, best to put it out of its misery, but instead hang it up from a tree for the birds of prey, and bury the bones remaining after they finish.


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