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Name: Tourmaline_
Location: Home.
Last Seen: Sun, 11 Dec 2016

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Calling out fakes is what I do, baby, and if you're lying just own up~

I am otherkin, therian and a starchild. Don't like it? Leave.

My old accout was LapisLazuli_. But, for some ridiculous reason, I was gagged. So, if this Bio looks familiar then this should tell you why.

That said I am one person.

If you know my old account, you can message me to keep an old conversation going.

If you are going to contact me about my name for any reason, other than that to listen as of why i have it with a complete and utterly unclosed open mind, do not contact me about it at all.

I am not a beginner at magic, and yes, I have studied for over two years. I practice water/light magic, along with some other type of worship. I also work with stones.

Yes, all of my photos are my own animals and personal belongings. You can mail me about any of my pictures.

I apologise if my typing is off, most of the time i have to rush to type things before i go somewhere or get distracted.

I am a starseed, my purpose here on this miserable, tiny hunk of rock is not known to me. But I am very, very homesick.

PLEASE, Absolutely NO flirting. This is NOT a dating website, and I am happily taken.

I know of dragons, and I have met many of them as well.

My practices include:

-Water magic
-Light magic
-'Grey' magic
-Dragon magic
-Stone magic

I reserve the right to not teach anyone any of the above topics. Mailing me about teaching you, and you will be ignored unless I have a spot open.

" The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
Together we shall never sleep,
Upon moonlight, fresh and sleek,
Under the rushing and lightly meek,

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
Together we shall never weep,
For time once lost,
We revere the cost,

The ocean is wild, calm and sweet,
Even whilst gone, she will never cheat,
For the time we lost,
For the inevitable cost,

The ocean is wild, calm and sweet,
Even whilst gone, she will never fleet,
Under moonlight, old and weak,
Under the slowed, and wind-cut peak. "

(Yes, Robert Frost did write the 'The woods are lovely, dark and deep" but the rest is all mine.)


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