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Name: Misanthropy
Birthday: 1990
Location: Where the Wild Things Are.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 21 Jan 2017


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Coven Title: Council
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Personal Bio
Note on Mail:
  • I do not mind chatting, but I will not entertain silliness.
  • I will offer general guidance and advice on magic and spell casting, but I will not mentor you or spoonfeed you information.
  • If your mail does not have a proper subject or message, it will be ignored unless you are someone I know.
  • I do not do readings of any kind.
  • Any mails regarding fluff (vampires, werewolves, controlling the elements, etc) will be ignored.
A Bit About Me:
You may call me Loni, Misa, or Lily. I am known by all three here on the site.
I have been practicing magic since late 2002, early 2003. I've been a follower of Kemetisim since early 2009. In total, I've been practicing for thirteen, soon to be fourteen, years. I am an Eclectic, Kemetic practitioner that follows Bast and Anubis. I work with Bast regularly and often call to Anubis when I am working with spirits, ancestors, etc.
To me, magic is a harmonious movement of energies that we tap into and utilize to bring about a desired end. I feel that by working with such energies it allows us to better connect to and understand the energies within the natural world and the cycles of the Earth. I also feel that it helps us better understand ourselves and our general connection to others and the world around us.
When it comes to magic, I do not believe in good or bad; these are subjective. There is no black or white, only our intent. It is the caster who determines what outcome their magic will have, be it beneficial or baneful. That said, I cast as I see fit to cast. If I need to heal, I heal. If I need to protect, I protect. If I need to curse, then I curse.
All that said, I am working on getting into classes to achieve my certification in level 1 Reiki healing. I'm a full time college student; an education major. And I'm working on getting my Associates in Early Childhood Education. I hope to do daycare work or teach preschool once I finish the degree. At current, I work for a lovely fruit and chocolate company. I decorate and put together fruit baskets.
I greatly enjoy art and music. I am very fond of spiritual research (pertaining to mediums and forms of spirit communication, as I myself am sensitive to spirits.) I also have a love of classic literature. Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, Frankenstein, and the works of Poe are still my favorite reads. I actually have a full collection of Poe's Raven Edition, books 1-5, from 1903 that my father gave me. They are among my prized possessions.
My Studies & Practices:
  • Hedge Witchery - Utilization of the natural energies within plants, gems/stones, etc for magical purposes.
  • Crystal Work - Magical and alternative, medicinal uses.
  • Herbalism - Both magical and medicinal uses.
  • Creation of herbal tinctures (or potions, if you prefer) and gem elixirs.
  • Divination - ceromancy and tarot.
  • Kemeticism - For those unfamiliar, it is the modern-day practice and revival of Ancient Egyptian religion.
  • Various types of healing. These include: absent healing, votive healing, reiki, color therapy, etc.
  • Deity Channeling, lesser forms of it. I have some experience with what is known as deity shadowing. It is a form of deity channeling in which the deity's presence is with you and guides you through the ritual.
  • Incense - I make my own.
  • Chakra work.
  • Sympathetic magic - poppets, candles, etc.
  • Correspondences
  • Blood Magic
  • Curse Work
~Before working with magic or spell casting there are some key things you may wish to study:
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Energy flow, control, and raising.
  • Grounding
  • Centering
  • Belief in yourself and your abilities
  • Circle Casting and Releasing
  • Correspondences (colors, days, lunar phases, etc)
Please keep in mind that depending on who you talk to the basics can and often do differ. The above list are the basics that I studied when I first started practicing. You can add to this list or take subjects from it depending on your interests or what you feel you need or don't need to learn. However, I suggest studying all of them because you may very well need to know them in the future.


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