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Name: lora.aine
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 07 Apr 2015

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---------Hello, Loves.-------- -----I am a Solitary Ecletic Witch----- A few things about me to get out of the way... ---I am not single/ very happy with my twin soul/future husband.--- ---I am a mixed baby.--- ---I don't judge by race.--- ---I don't hate. I lose respect.--- ---If you want someone to talk to I am here.--- Magick I practice: - ---Nordic Runes/Rune Casting--- - ---Natural magick--- - ---Herbalisim--- - ---White magic--- - ---Candle Magick--- - ---Elemental Magick--- - ---Healing--- - ---Divination--- -----My knowledge expands from here to there. I know quite a lot about candle magick, white magic, and the differences between black and white. Nordic runes, and what they are used for. ------- MY 7 CHAKRAS --- ---Root: under-active (-56%) ---Sacral: open (25%) ---Navel: under-active (0%) open (59%: ---Throat: open (19%) ---Third Eye :open (44%) ---Crown: open (12%) -------------------------------------------------- ---Feel free to mail me.--- --- ----I'll message back as soon as possible--- ---By the way whether you're gay,straight, lesbian or even bi. I want to reassure there is no fixture of emotions with me. We love who we love. We all deserve love, so it's fine by me. I was never bothered by it. So, feel free to be comfortable if you're able to. That would be wonderful.--- -----------------------If you want to talk to me--- Ask me anything and I would gladly message back giving you my opinion or my knowledge within your questions.--- Love's X

If you want to have a one to one discussion with me please kik me. :)

Kik: Crainc Smile (Note: This is only if you want to have a discussion about magic with me or questions that you have that are not relating to my personal life.)

If you don't have anyone to talk to I am here! Go ahead and talk to me I will reply as soon as I can and I usually do reply fast depending on what I am doing.

If you feel like you have no friends. I will be your friend, so feel free to message me if you want to get to know me. I am very open to everyone and I don't mind people asking about my usually daily thing I do.

You feel like you don't have a place? Stars cannot shine without a little darkness. If they were to shine in the day no one would notice them.

D o - N o t - J u d g e - M y - C h o i c e s - W i t h o u t - U n d e r s t a n d i n g -M y - R e a s o n s -

For those who are struggling right now:

Chapter One: You can't start the next chapter if you keep re reading the last one.


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