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Name: Bandit421
Location: United States
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 17 Jan 2016

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Hi. I am a Mom, a wife, a pet owner, a very great and loyal friend, a person who is quiet, can be loud, a lover of the earth, a lover of God, a person with strong faith, a person who loves with my whole heart, I love vampires and have a tattoo of vampire bites on my neck, I have alot of greatness to me :)

I had an interest in the craft my first time when I was in my early 20's. A group of friends and I got books, hung out alot, and truly gave it our all to become a coven. However, I didn't feel at home with what was going on. I am not one to judge, or one to follow strict order..My spirit and heart are what I follow. If I feel something isnt rite, then it isnt for me. We all had our certain parts to fulfill in our circle of friends..I was in control of the herbs..I made a potion to make someone infatuated with friends thought it worked..I felt otherwise..Love should come from the heart..not a potion..The circle started to turn dark, and the people in it drank alot and began fighting over the stupidest I backed out..and gave up. I would dabble in stuff up on things..but never truly gave it my all..I felt so alone..until a few months ago..I met a wonderful lady. Tiny opened my eyes to alot of things regarding the craft..that it is ok to be me, this lady welcomed me into her home without knowing much about me at all..she is wonderful. Tiny has explained lots to me, has let me borrow many books from her library, she even took me to a shop near by to get me started with the materials to finally build my altar. I now have better books, a better understanding, my own altar, lots of candles, lots of incense, and a better understanding of me. She has told me alot of how judgement shouldnt be passed, its ok to be different, its ok to have a faith in Christ and still have beliefs in the craft..I am blessed to be able to now call her one of my truest friends..I still have a lot to learn, and am willing to do just that..merry meet and blessed be :)


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