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Name: VR_Kage
Birthday: Jan 1989
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 13 Dec 2016

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Hello and welcome to my profile. My name is Valon. I have had an interesting 5 years as I went from staunch Christian to full blown Pagan and finally fell somewhere in the middle. After much research, I have come to describe myself as a Messianic Jewish Shaman. I was labeling myself a Kabbalist for some time, but I found that it dove deeper into a structured mysticism than I do.

I do mostly energy and spirit realm work. I just recently started learning Reiki. I have a basic knowledge of stones, herbs, and oils. I do a lot of divination through tarot, oracle, and runes. I enjoy writing spells not necessarily for use, but for the ritual of it. Finding the perfect words and ingredients and aligning them with intent and nature, its like a fun science class for me, like my 11th grade Advanced Physics class.

I am a licensed minister in the State of Oklahoma. I perform weddings, handfastings, baptisms, and I provide any counselling services allowed of a minister. When I am not doing ministry, I am an electronic security specialist meaning I install and maintain burglar, fire, access control, and cctv systems.

I am married with 3 beautiful children (7yo, 6yo, and 3yo). I play an MMORPG called The Secret World and love grilled cheese sandwiches. I mainly communicate through Facebook. My Facebook link will take you to my page. My website link will take you to the Facebook link for my ministry. So feel free to like, friend, message, poke, and any other communication method. Except game invites, I don't do Facebook games.

I do teach some. Most of my teaching comes from The Temples of Witchcraft Series by Christopher Penczak and from Teal Swan's YouTube channel. If someone wants to learn from me, I do request they at least do a little bit of research into these resources.

Lastly, I find it sad that this has become something people must put on their pages, but Hollywood has opened impressionable minds to the ideas of vampires, werewolves, and other mystical creatures. These are the creations of Hollywood very loosely based on old folktales used to explain medical conditions and to keep kids in bed at night. You are not nor will you ever be a vampire, werewolf, mermaid, dragon, shapeshifter, dalek, golem, incubus, succubus, pokemon, demon, angel, fairy, cyclops, unicorn, x-man, etc. You are human, you live on Earth, and can only meet metaphysical creatures on a metaphysical plane.


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