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Name: Wheuf
Location: Australia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 23 Dec 2015

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Life is magic.


Hey there, My name is Wheuf and I'm a spiritualist. Not so much into spells as what i used to be when i first started on my journey, practised a bit of various practices but now have a decent amount of knowledge towards; spell casting; the creation of spells; and even some spells I have used and made for times of need.


I live life knowing that materialistic things are a myth towards the concepts of feeling happy and such other temptations like money. I have found that in my experiences, it is you fulfilling your greatest purpose and unlocking your greatest self that leads to self fulfilment and harmony which is happiness.


When you remove yourself from our daily routine, remove the influence of technology and society, embrace who you are, accept and love what you are, you start to see, feel, hear changes not only to yourself but to your life around you. Solitude in a place of comfort, while getting time to recharge your batteries and acknowledge the negative things that slow and bring us down can change someone dramatically and bring many benefits. We start to realise there are no standards, we're all different in our genes and capabilities but thats because what makes us up is our surroundings, influences, routines, genes and many more contributers. We all have a purpose, and that itself should bring enough happiness to us. We all vibrate on various frequencies as does everything else that lives but it is all connected and magic is vibrations sent out with a purpose. We can program ourselves to be anything we want ourselves to be.

Life is magic, you just have to believe :)



- Nature

- Solitude

- Herbal remedies

- Reading

- Marijuana

- Photography

- Animation

- Video graphics


Currently Studying/Practising;

- Meditation (S/P)

- Astral Projection (S)

- Spiritual healing (S)

- Blood Magick (P)

- Satanic Ritualistic Magick (P)

- Psychic insight (S/P)

- Self Empowerment (S/P)

- Energy Channelling (S/P)

- Poppetry (S/P)

- Psychic cursing (P)

- Aura work (S/P)



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