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Name: pitlover
Location: nashville
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 18 Jul 2015

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Hello!Thanks for having me here first of all.

I am very new to Wicca. I've embraced Wicca, along with my Christianity within the last month.

So far I have read;Path Of A Christian With by Adelina St. Clair

Christian Witch by;Nancy Chandler Pittman

and Jesus Through Pagan Eyes by Rev. Mark Townsend

Book of Black Arts by Richard Cavendish

I am eager to learn.I wanted to be in a Christain Wiccan Coven to learn and have support,as I am alone in my practice.

As far as gifts I'm still learning. I have 2 friends with mental issues( both on med's)who had been hearing voices for years,whom I did a "prayer casting",it's my version of blending spells, (my own )and prayer, they've both be free of the voices for 6mos now. I don't know if you consider that a gift or not. They seem to.

As for my personal background:

I am originally from Cailf. born and raised.Became a Born again Christian at 18yrs old, went to Assembly's of God Church. Moved here to Nashville, at age 24, went to Baptist Church, culture shock!!! Husband became ordained baptist minister, wasn't easy, because we didn't agree with some of the doctrine, to long to post!!He no longer pastor's, but is still a christian.Back to me,

I NEVER did like all the political nonsense in the church, but always loved God, despite it. Always was a vegan, loving animals and nature,I didn't like the way most churches felt we could and even should "lord" over them, never mind how "they" treated women, and GLBT community. Thats when I went looking for "something" and I found a beautiful blend with Christianity and God a true LOVE, Wicca! Christian/WICCA!

I'm 47yrs young.;)

My husband and I have been in Nashville 20 yrs.Live on a small farm w/my 2 pit bulls. I try to educate people on the breed, it's the "owners "that are bad, NOT the dogs! They are the sweetest dogs ever.;)

I have severe Fibromyalgia,and on disability.

I was a manager of G.N.C. so I treat myself w/many alternative therapies and supplements, which lead to study herbs, and meditation,etc. . Blessed Be.


I'm on F.B site Christian/Wicca. I have tried to post a pic several times here. You can see my pic's on F.B.

I grew up studying:

Astrology(w/mother, who died, when I was 17 she turned me on to all things occult).





Hare Krishna



Jehovahs Witness

Christian Science

All thing's Egypt.;)

Greek mythology

Roman mythology (my dad born raised in Italy! )

Catholic Study

Tarot reading


Herbs- uses for(G.N.C helped>:)



Mind you I'm no expert on these, I've just done some studies for my own curiosity.:)Some more than others.

All things animals-my heart I love animals and nature

working on finding my Spirit guide

Will be starting to study A Year and A Day

That's all I can think of now, oh I'm a Leo.


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