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Name: Meimadeline
Location: Deep in the sea
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 05 Oct 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
"Silent Water runs deep"

Hello there!

I'm Meimadeline, 13 years old.

I'm half-mermaid. Half-vampire

Which is really odd, don't you think? O.o

I'm born as a mortal/human/muggle

But since i was a child,i've been attached to the seas.

Like I belong there.

Then everytime we go to the beach, I was always the one who will swim first!

I can swim so far from land.

Know what's weird too?

One time me and my family went to the beach, i went to a very quiet part of the shore and when i took a swim, i saw something. It's not any other thing,i've ever saw! Splash its a mermaid! Then after that everytime i get attached to water, It felt like it needs me.

Thats my lil story.

I love the water, and I always swim.

Being a vampire, the sun does hurts but not really.

I'm sweet and friendly so you can introduce yourself to me!

I love making friends!

I like dolphins and

I'm a pet lover!

Oh, and I have magic bracelet. That bracelet is powerful.

My other witch friends told me that, though I haven't used it yet.

I'm not new to magic, because i tried a few healing spells, and other white magick spells

I hope I can help you in some way, And I'm sorry if I cannot.

Its only been 3 years, but i stopped using magick,that's why I have forgotten.

Ok because I am total random, I can fit in with any kind of girl! Except one.. and that is GIRLY... Oh splash, I'm making it like a horror word or something xD,excuse me for my crazy attitude, There's no doubt I'm the daughter of the Mad Hatter xD I kid. I believe in Greek Mythology. Yus,I believe people! I love to play guitars! I love to sing, but my voice really sounds like a siren, when I'm near the water ._. Yussssssssssssss....

I sing randomly

I speak spanish a bit

I kinda like pirates xD

I guess this is the end of my bio! See yah!


((Sometimes i talk water-ish. Like 'ooh splash!' Or 'over the seas' or 'hello lil siren!' Or 'squirt xD' or 'just go with the flow!' Its just me. I talk too much water. xD))

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