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Name: Alakyrah
Birthday: Mar 24 1998
Location: United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 18 May 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
hey, wassup?

currently 16, living in the u.k. i'm told and i believe i'm a natural born leader, always manage to take control and handle a situation. i'm open minded to pretty much everything, intrigued by the unknown and an all round sound being!


I've always had a way with words and wish to see what i can do and what powers i can unveil!

came across this site, felt a little skeptical about it all, still kinda do a little bit, but am fascinated by it all and what there is to learn...


open minded,

willing to help anyway i can,


feel free to message or whatever, it's all good :P



O from a highly dysfunctional family

O lyricist/poet/rapper

O welsh

O can't speak welsh ironically enough..

O i'm drawn to fire and how philosophical it is

O phoenix's.


little rhyme;

(by me)

life is but a game, you're dealt a hand,

you can fold and give it all up.. or you can take a stand,

you may lose more than you may gain,

but tell me what is happiness if we didn't know pain?

tell me what is sunshine if we didn't see rain?

when the cards are against and your uncertain what to do,

not knowing if you're able to carry on through,

draw breath and see how far the cards you're dealt with can get you,

that feeling of sickness you get when you're overwhelmed and depressed,

the tear in your eye to symbolize the ache you possess,

the smile on your face to mask the bitter you taste,

the sadness you feel of such a beautiful waste,

when all is lost n pain n regret is all you feel it's,

times like these that i admire the phoenix,

if these words you follow then you're filled with sorrow,

sing along to this song fore there may not be a tomorrow,

sing along amongst all as silent as it may seem,

sing along with those broken those broken like me.

Alakyrah. no stealing!



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