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Name: TheLionness
Birthday: Jul 23 1996
Location: NJ
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 27 Mar 2014

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Look at my eyes, become enchanted for all eternity..

-Jessica Relyea Gabriella Zisko.

-I am 17.

- I am happily taken by Kevin O'Brien as of 4.12.13. <3

-A very dangerous person to meet, but also a very caring one. I say this because I am EXTREMELY protective of the people I care about and will go to the ends of the Earth to protect them.
*Nationalities: French, Irish, Dutch, Czechoslovakian, Native American(Black Foot Tribe)/Indian, Russian, German, English, and Polish.
~What I look like: I have green eyes with yellow. They change. My hair is black;It is very thick, and messy, but beautiful. I'm curvy, no where near skinny.
-I was born on the cusp; I am a Cancer and a Leo . My birthday is July 23rd.
-My affinity for all 5 elements is very strong. My strongest connection is with water, earth, and spirit. I have a very deep connection to the moon as well.
- My spirit animal is a lion . I have been told multiple times I also resemble one.
-I am a writer, a photographer, and a dreamer. I love tattoos and piercings. I have 6 piercings with more to come. I have no tattoos yet.
-My gifts : Being able to sense the dead but not see them. Feeling peoples "vibes". I am slightly telepathic, but I am practicing on excercising my psychic powers. I am also a very very strong Empath.
- Why do I practice Wicca?: My mother is a catholic/wiccan or solitary witch. She follows all Gods and Goddesses. Out of my other 3 siblings, she says I am most spiritual. She suspects something different about me, and I think she may be right. I have been told I am very powerful, but I have yet to "unlock" it.
I Know About the Following: Astral Projection, Tarot Reading, Gods and Goddesses of various cultures, and some empathy.
I am seeking: A Mentor for basics, elemental magick, divination, rituals, astral projection, spirit guides, healing, tarot, palmistry, scrying, angels and archangels, demons, invoking, and chakras.
Want to know more, or have any questions? Ask. I have come here to learn, to question, and to use my powers wisely, and learn from the best. I will not tolerate any fluffy people, (people wishing or claming they are supernatural beings etc...) don't waste my time. Help me help you.
"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting." -J.M Barrie


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