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Name: Azula_Wolfe
Birthday: Nov 13 1995
Location: Shadow Lands
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 01 May 2014

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Personal Bio
Music: Post hardcore, dubstep

Movie: Underworld

Book: Nightshade, Marked

Goddess: Nyx, Artemis, Athena, the celtic gods and goddesses

Horoscope: Scorpio

age: 18

relationship: Taken

Shows: American Horror Story, Ghost Adventurers, Being Human, SVU, Dexter, Game of Thrones

Heritage: Irish

Religion: Celtic, Druid

if you want to know more message me

I am Wolf by blood in and out Wolves are my blood

I don't want a relationship with you so if that is what you want please move on it scares me

I am a emo/goth who loves meeting new people, I have been a Celtic Wiccan for about 5 years now, I love to read, and draw. My passion in life is Makeup art. I am a senior in high school, I have 00 gauges, I l also love painting nails. I am fun and outgoing. I dislike annoying people but I love making new friends. My full real name is Snow Sapphire Wolfe Targaryen, I like to be called Azula. it my spare time I usually edit my website and draw. I am starting a coven in my hometown of Mooresville so far I have 3 members including myself. if I could disclose everything about me I would but I can't for risk of being gagged :) I like being on peoples good side and I plan to stay on peoples good side thank you very much, I have respect for everyone of every religion, and background

My website is


One of my poems


_____-The Broken Love-_____

Please cure my heart

this sadness

darkening the light

bring me peace when I lay dying

how can you look away so simply

I want to love you

but you don't even know me

why should we love strangers

I do love you very much

with all my heart that I have left

The music in the distance

help me so I can help you

I love you

why can't you see this

in your own heart

the love I have for you longing

to be by your side forever

we could have lasted

I wish we could have lasted

I don't know why we didn't

I truly love you with everything

I have ever known

if you would ever understand

I would be at peace as my coffin goes in to the ground

I will weep when I see your grave in heaven

you would not find me in heaven if you look

I would move on cause your death

is a moving rock heaven can't

take my soul who would break if not with you

I love you I truly do

Please love me back as much as I love you


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