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Name: Dawnlight143
Location: Undead;)
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 15 Sep 2016

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Zodiac sign: Virgo

Element: I am earth and fire I am compatible with all the elements as well ;)

Hi there im not like most people you would meet or know. I am just a simple 17 year old emo girl trying to figure out herself and exploring different things. A little about me is I am a band freak I absolutely love rock and metal, I can relate to a lot of songs which is funny because when I was much younger I couldn't stand rock or metal music and now I love it, what can I say I am a rocker chick :P I enjoy writing things that relate to me such as poetry, stories and to just write. I also love to draw but I tend to get lazy and don't draw as much but recently I have been, nothing major just simple things that tell a story to me. I am a animal lover I love all animals, and all those animals you consider "dangerous" such as pitbulls its not the animals that are dangerous its the owners that have raised and trained them wrong so really humans are the worst animals out there. Hmm a little more about me is I do read manga and watch some anime a favorite of mine would be deathnote and vampire knight.. oh and soul eater ^_^ I LOVE the color black you wouldn't usually catch me wearing much color I don't usually wear that much :/ My favorite colors are black and purple though.. Mostly black plus it goes with anything and everything haha. If you wanna know anything else you can message me and ask I may not answer it right away but if I get to know you and feel comfortable around you then I will answer your questions so yup c:

Everyone goes through a lot, including me i try to not let it show instead I help others. One of my skills is to help others by being there and listening to there problems which no matter what the situation is I always give advice for. I know how it is. One of my problems is I don't trust very easily because of my past. To end this crazy bio I am here to seek and learn knowledge and more. I am new to all of this so any help would be greatly appreciated. I am non-religious and I am looking forward into looking into the Wicca culture this is a whole new world for me that I am willing to look into.


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