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Name: Brit_8D
Location: Inside my soul
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 14 Jan 2017

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

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Personal Bio

"I have not failed. Ive just found 10,000 ways that dont work." -Thomas Alva Edison


I am a very poetic, also a writer. I have visions in my dreams. I might be looking for a vampire to turn me. Just kidding, that stuff won't be happening. ._. (The kids on here, if you can prove to me vampires exists, please do)


If I add you as a friend, that doesn't necessarily mean that I want you to be friends with me, that just means I just find you interesting, if you want to add me back that is up to you.


favorite quote: "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone, I will turn the inner eye to see it's path. Where the fear has gone,there will be nothing. Only I will remain."


What I plan to study:

Wiccan History


Astral Projection


Simple Healing Spells

Curses, Hexs, etc.

Tarot Cards



Little about me: I am not the person to go to about spells that's what the forms are for.

I'm really close to being 17 (come on August)

I'm a senior (yeah, I might have skipped, I don't know)

Status: Single... And always will be I have phliophobia so, not going to happen. (I guess I should clear up what phliophobia is (cause it's not like you guys are using the internet right now and can't google it) phliophobia is the fear of falling in love (although I might just have anxiety?))

Personality: sarcastic, quiet (depending on how much you know me), honest.

Bio: I have visions in my dreams ever since I was nine. I can also see auras. I practice black magic and for past experience you need to know what go's around comes around. Do not come to me about wanting to do black magic I will ignore you... I am a Leo! Message me anytime, I'd love to talk.


Please don't send me messages with blank subjects or a simple "hi" I seriously don't know how to respond and usually only send "hi, how are you?" "Good, you?" "I'm good as well." These are seriously are some of the conversations I have. I'm an quiet person, if you're expecting me to message you out of the blue, it probably won'thappen, unless I know you dearly.


If you're wondering if a spell is real or not, ask yourself this, does it sound real? *spoiler alert* all the trick/fantasy spells are 98% fake.


I'm going on a journey within me to open my chakras, all seven, starting from the root. If you have any advice , please share it with me to help me along my journey.


I sing on YouTube (like there's not a lot of those) I'm also doing a animation of Hamilton (I've become so attached to the soundtrack within the last two days it's not healthy)


I need a little help: I'm being follow by these shadows and they scratch and bruise me, If you know how to get rid of them or know what they are and can give me a better understanding of them, please message me.


Cautious fact you should know about: Have you ever stood up and felt a wave of dizziness? Has it ever been so strong that black edges appeared in your vision, as if you were going to pass out? This isn't out of the ordinary to most people. But, in fact, it is not a good thing? This feeling occurs demon or demonic spirit is trying to possess you, and they almost succeeded, next time, they might win? are you prepared for it?


"You're just a little soul carrying around a corpse."


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