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Name: LMstrangeOne
Location: The Quaker State
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 10 Feb 2014

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DUKE LOUIS SON OF STEFAN "The Protector of the House" Profile Louis SonofSteffan I am Louis Son of Stefan, from the House of Steffen, the Protector, my photos show me in human form with my mate Luna, then the change to my wolf form, the white wolf with blue eyes, (I'm protector of the Great House and lands of the Grand Duke Steffan), so I have an ability in wolf form to transform to spirit form (represented in the white form with tribunal marks) as such to guard all those under my protection I also have a demon wolf form (represented in the smokey pix blue eyes to the black demon wolf red eyes) giving me ability to fight great numbers of invaders and other creatures of our world's and heal quickly from battle, when I transform back, I am in black wolf form (not shown) till all danger is past and all are safe, then I return to my more gentle white form. I am old even for wolf's. But young in our royal line. I was born with the ability to change6 as all in my family are, my first mate was a powerful White Which (who I loved dearly)she bound the demon spirit to me and we became One (increasing my life span and healing) I am not immortal, I can die.(my mate was killed in a terrible battle protecting the Royal House, she died saving me over a 100 yrs ago) as all do I left the House for many moons wondering lost in the realms a lone wolf with no thought of future until I meet my new mate, Luna. She brought me back and I have since rejoined my House to take on my role as Duke and Protector. I'm 250+ yrs old. I am not werewolf but pure wolf not to be confused. I am generally just called Duke or Louis among equals. I am Alpha to Luna's pack, as well as Elder to Blood Rose Pack, Blaze Rose Pack, a few others. I am also an Elder in aligned Houses, Packs, Brude, Covens and other friendly and lone/rogue forces. A mediator of disputes and Protector of all who seek it with our House in Good Faith. I think that covers what you asked for in our profile. Thank you for a chance to be here and make new allies and expand my knowledge. Your Humble Servent, Duke Louis


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