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Name: Hollyrath
Location: Ohio
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 17 Jul 2010

Membership: Member

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I'm a very nice girl....dont try to harm me because you cant i wont let you....i gaurd my heart and i stay safe....All my life i've had a gift for magic....17 yrs old and i still have my gift....never say that i dont know what i'm doing or try to change what i know....I know more than i should but never ask me....for i can only tell those who would believe me and know that it is true of what i speak....I want to learn more and learn i shall....

What Else can I say.....Well I'm Very Intune with People i Love and Care for....I feel when they are hurt and can get pretty bad when they have done something very painful....I have dreams and know who sometimes...Dont ask me how i know i just do....I feel people i can trust and like by talking to them....You Lie to me and you Basicly are setting yourself up for Pure Bad Luck....I'll be able to Tell and i'm very blunt and very different from most!!

I Love Hard and Trust a few people....I know some Healers and soon well i hope to be away from my parents living my life and doing Magic and my dreams.....Most dont understand me i do not I repeat DO NOT expect everyone to understand what or who i really am some just think i'm a Kid ~Makes a face~ But Honestly most i know have never seen what i have....My Sister is Slayeress....If you know her you will find we are both very Different and both very talented Women....Get to know me and see what your opinion is of me....Make it Friend or Foe THAT is your Choice NOT mine....i have more than i want to say so ask and i may tell you....

Lets see i am into herbs knowing how to use them what one is best for what type of mixture i need. I try to gain as many new herbs as i can. Most i use for medical purposes and tell others what one is best for pain and other things whatever is wrong with that person........Bad spell casting that ends up in a wound i can help with as well. I am also a healer and learning how to control and do all the things possible.

Quote "If i had anything to fear what would i fear?" Quote "Anything you dont know of or havent seen yet"


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