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Name: ThexDarkness
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 15 Oct 2013

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

Hobbies: Tearing things apart so I can understand them

Abilities: Intuitive.

interests: War, Brawling, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Art, Violence, Supernatural events.

Desires: Power, I want to obtain power by any means necessary even if it cost the world billions of lives.

Well how Shall I introduce myself, Well I am a power hungry knowledge seeker.

I am interested in the occult as well as biology and psychology.

The human brain and body while pathetic and weak is fascinating, with the right amount of fear the human body is capable of wondrous things. I will get more into this in a section further down the page.

My likes:



Causing pain and suffering.

Causing terror.


Free will.




My dislikes:


The government.

Lack of free will or control.


Anything that is a threat or hindrance to me.

Movies I like:

Bram Stoker's Dracula.

30 days of night.

Interview with the Vampire.

Dusk till Dawn.

Fright Night.

The lost boys.

28 days later.

28 weeks later.

American werewolf in london.

Dog soldiers.




The Evil Dead.


Music I like:



Slept so long.


Cradle of filth.

I wanna Rock.

Raining blood.



Nothing Left.


Come on feel the noise.


Linkin park.

House of pain.

With my mind.


I'm someone who can be described as amoral or even immoral and I have no problem doing the bad things if needed. I have a strong hunger to understand everything, Knowledge is power and I want it all no matter who gets hurt. Take my interest in biology for example, I enjoy dissecting things just to understand what makes them tick, I like exposing them to fear and pain so I can see the reactions.

My ultimate goal and desire are to gain power, Any type of power, be it influence, Political or military; My second desire is to rid the world of the government, law and order and bring back free will, Chaos and the ways of the old world which is survival of the fittest. I will allow some tribes to be established since even in the good old chaos times, there some amount of order and heirarchy.

I don't like Humans very much, they had intelligence and the open world to do what they want with it and instead they corrupted the word with their petty greed.

As much as I hate humanity, I do respect anyone who is strong willed, intelligent and those who can see the truth in things. And especially those who can make choices regardless of their law and society.

My Interests:


Now I have a very strong interest in biology and how things work, so I decided to make a journal about a list of predators that are so good at what they do that they have not evolved much at all.

Let us start with the apex predators, sharks.

Sharks have been around for roughly 420 million years ago and there is more than 400 species of sharks around the world.

Sharks have a very keen sense of smell with some species able to detect as little as one part per million of blood in seawater.

The largest shark which is the whale shark is actually not deadly, however some of the deadliest sharks can grow (though not very common) to be near or over 20ft.

The best know sharks are:

The Great White.

Tiger Shark.

Mako Shark.

Blue Shark.

Bull shark.

Hammerhead Shark.

Bull sharks are able to swim in fresh waters, which makes them very deadly as they can swim up rivers and catch humans by surprise.

Mako sharks are the fastest sharks, able to swim up to or even over 40mph and jump around over 24 ft in the air.

The Great White Shark, also known as Carcharodon Carcharias and White Death is one of the most famous and infamous sharks out there, it's large size and fearsome shape have contributed to it's reputation, however, the film Jaws also gave it a lot of infamy. The shark's size can exceed 20 ft and is perhaps the largest predatory fish. Great Whites have a very sensitive sense to electromagnetic fields caused by movements, this allows them to track their prey more easily. A 20 ft shark's bite force was able to exert a bite force of 18,000 newtons.

A great white only has one predator, the Orca though encounters are apparently rare.

Tiger Sharks have a reputation for eating anything so long as it can fit in their mouths, the tiger shark is one of the most dangerous sharks to humans and is second on the list of most


Speaking of Tigers, did you know that tigers apparently have the strength of ten men? One Tiger was able to move a dead buffalo meters while many men could not make it budge at all.

Tigers are capable of killing Crocodiles and there has been cases where Tigers go into the water to drag them out, a marvelous feat when one thinks how the Crocodile has more of an advantage in the water.

Humans now, Humans are fragile creatures and just like other animals, they feel fear and pain but probably more so than most. Humans are no longer predators, they do not even occupy the middle of the food chain never mind the top. Despite their fragility, there is a potential untapped or at least only tapped into in moments of crisis. I will explain more on it the psychology part.


Its not just the biological systems I study to understand things, I enjoy looking into the mind, tearing it apart for answers.

The psyche is an amazing machine of flesh, it can make one an individual but unfortunately, humans like to copy each other and become sheep instead of wolves.

The human body is weak but has potential but its the mind that can unlock it and fear and pain is the key.

Ever see what adrenaline can do? or the flight or fight response? It can give someone enough strength to lift a car and a car weighs probably about a ton more or less depending on size etc.

Imagine if people could have permanent access to that strength, unfortunately there are side effects, the human body cannot cope with that stress for more than a few minutes which is why humans are purposely biologically limited in strength.

How I rate.

Here is the scale I go by:

0: I will not rate a blank space most times. Sorry but if I am going to rate I want to be rating the content. If I do it is a very low rating but changed when updates are done.

1-3: You left a sentence, are rather offensive or simply piss me off when reading your profile. Or, you're asking to be turned or trying to start fights with your rating comments. Have some sense, you don't leave a MySpace or Facebook blank... do ya?

4-8: You have a background and the font works well with it, which includes the color. If you're a PM your forbidden sheet works well on the browser I'm using though if it doesn't I might try another browser.

9: Your profile is almost perfect, and everything works well together. If there's background music I liked what I heard or was able to mute. You put a lot of work into this but it's not quite perfect.

10: RARE from me now. You have to have an impressive profile for me to just drop a 10 on you, or you're one of 2: Coven/Alliance members or you're on my friends list. The highest is not and should not be automatic.

Here are the exceptions.

If you have nothing but pictures on your profile I will rate you a 1.

If you are pretending to be who are what you are not you get a 1.

Twilight annoys me, but I'm fair here. If it's all obsessing about the 'sparkling vampires' or werewolves and nothing about yourself you get a 1. Any of the retarded 'Team' shit gets you a 1 as well.

Ask to be turned and you get laughed at by me No one can be turned into a vampire with a bite, piercing the jugular vein and draining one's blood from it can KILL YOU.


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