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Birthday: Feb 18 1991
Location: Gaia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 12 Feb 2014

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Hello, my friends!

I'm "A Truther"

My I don't remember when or where it started from, but at an early age I began to realize that those around me, including my teachers, could not give me the answers to the questions I was seeking answers for. Things my heart&soul yearned to remember. Well, eventually, thanks to one of the most fundamental laws of the universe, the law of attraction, my guides appeared in secret places and mostly between pages of paper. Sometimes they came to me like a strike of lightning in my head disrupting my life like thunder on a sunny day, only to realize that divine force had actually pushed me over into the right hands, or direction, or shined light on what no longer served me.

My mission is to conquer the depths of the unknown, purify my heart and mind by unschooling and relearning along the way, & eventually to guide others to enlightenment (in a non pretentious way, but out of their sincere need for it) and realizing and actualizing my power from within. I follow the rule "When the student is ready the teacher will appear" and never try to push people to change unless they are willing participants seeking the one true path (which i'll write more about). I am a licensed massage therapist, artist, and have many plans to shine light on basic principals and inner truths and wisdom through my art, music, literature, and movements. I am training to be an Herbalist and will build a retreat healing center pulling from many alternative medical sources for passionate people seeking a REAL healing experience, because i am pulled to genuinely help people..

I believe that we are always channeling SOMETHING, and witchcraft has given me immense power and knowledge to embrace only that which i allow and desire, and i am so grateful that my path has lead me here to a place where i no longer have internal battles and confusion. One of my favorite ways to actualize my power, that which i am only ever willing to do for G O O D, is via massage therapy. I am a medium in that silent way:)

This is random, but being an island girl passionate about nature, I sometimes dream of living off-grid with a group of amazings or coven, at one with nature, each other..

This journey is one that i have undertaken SOLO. and now i am so happy to be able to connect with others on SOM. Every day is a lesson and a blessing. Basically, the questions i once asked have become my 'flowerbed for all the mystery of the Universe.'

Blessed Be


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