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Name: Cursed_one
Location: between no where and lost in dreams
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 21 Apr 2014

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I am a pretty laid back person but quick to jump into a fight either to stop it or protect the ones I care about.

Other than working during the night (hate working when the sun is up) I lay around or meditate close to the river side.

I am a very spiritual person have been all my life. I started practicing magic when I was 14 so its been 5 years and no regrets.

One thing I have learned the hard way is "disturb the grave enrage the sole" and ever since that near death experience I have no interest of ever digging up anything again....

I believe I have the spirit of a wolf inside me coz ever since I was a kid I kept seeing this wolf in my dreams and as I grew older I saw myself turn into this wolf more and more in every dream.(Sound stupid I gess)

Anger rage and revenge leads to self destruction and brings harm to those around u as well, I believe in peace at mind, spiritual peace as well as being at peace with everything life brings your way.

As a teen I was a emo kid or as my father would say "just another coffin kid" and the scares I bare is my story, even though most of my scars are covered by tattoos now some still show.

I care greatly for people who seek my friendship and often I would dedicate myself to helping others before I buy food for myself, I know there are people in this world that need things more than I do there for I have almost nothing on my name...

I used to run with a "pack" if you wish to call it that but now I run solo and as for a coven I used to be part of one but not for long as I grew wiser I realized we where only messing around with things we didn't know about...

I write a lot of poetry and I was a designer for a tattoo shop I found that arts is a good way to keep your emotions under control.

I'm a non judge mental person but a quick heads up for men, I'm a full on lesbian have been for 12 years and that is not changing so don't try and hit on me in the hopes that u be the one to change my mind, its not my mind I was born this way

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