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Name: eternityspel
Birthday: Jan 30
Location: Grand Prairie, TX
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 27 Jul 2016

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My name is Isaac I'm currently testing the waters spiritually to find my place in the universe but I'm determined. I'm no longer very religious rather I'm more spiritual with a wide open belief system. I do not claim any one single religion for the simple reason that all religions have very good aspects and also very bad aspects. I like to piece together many different points of different religions that best fit my lifestyle to make myself happy and a better person.

A little about myself:

I'm 20. I don't generally like labels but if you must call me something I'd fall more on the side of being a hippy. I'm native American (Chickasaw). Against a lot of people's opinion i believe that many forms of hallucinagenics can be great spiritual aids when doing rituals/casting spells/astral projection. I enjoy reading many people's philosophy from all different points in history. I love to travel more than anything. I've played guitar since the age of 5. I love to play acoustic but metal is where its at. I'm an open book so if you wanna know anything else just message me!

A bit of my personal beliefs:

Don't run from who you've become, avoiding the issue at hand. If you don't like it, change it. Don't place barriers between who you are and who you are meant to be. Learn to love your past but hate your mistakes and not let them conjure a person you do not want to become. Dont fear the future because you're not who you were. Youre a changed life awaiting reward. Theres no need to be martyred when you can live for what you believe. So stand for what you say and practice what you preach...dont fall into the worlds mainstream hypocracy. Rise against the internal oppression that you tend to build up inside; the lack of confidence will supress your dreams and hopes. Learn to love and begin to live because this life only happens once!

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