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Name: juniperkit
Location: In the forest
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 13 Apr 2013

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

Call me Kitten. I'm a beginning pagan, even though I've always had the mindset of one, and I'm following the path of "hedge witch" or "white witch".

Here's some things to know about me offhand: (Ooooh, look, I made bullet-points!)

  • I'm currently in University.
  • I'm studying physics education there. (I'm going to become a physics teacher)
  • I'm really uncomfortable with black magic, and I don't like dealing with it.
  • I have always been pagan, even through Christian upbringings. Whenever anyone asked what God was to me, I would always say, "the feeling I have when I'm alone with nature..."
  • I'm following my own path, which could be most closely described as the path of a "white witch" mixed with "green witch".
  • I've found I have a bit of talent in protection spells, incantations, and mixing the herbs the higher powers have bestowed upon me.
  • I am a believer in the old pagan ideology that knowing something's true name gives you power over it, which is why I will not mention the name of myself.
  • I have gifts in healing, clairvoyance, protecting, and aura/body-language/vibration readings.
  • I believe that what you cast comes back to you three-fold.
  • I'm currently working on my Book of Shadows.
  • I'm a solitary practitioner.
  • The element I'm closest to is Earth.
  • I'm not a practicer of "fluffy-bunny magic".
  • I am a vegetarian, because if you take the goddesses equally beloved creatures and force them into unnatural habitats with unnatural remedies (factory farms), only unnatural results will fall upon you (mad cow disease, salmonella, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and more!).
  • If I don't like something you're doing--I'm going to tell you and probably not nicely.
  • I love cats. So much. Like...sometimes I cry because I had to leave mine for an education. Sometimes meaning...every night.
  • I love, love, love vegetarian sushi.
  • You know what I love more than cats and sushi? Friends. <3
  • Here's a chackra test I took...
  • Root:under-active(-56%)
  • Sacral:open(38%)
  • Navel:under-active(-6%)
  • Heart:open(19%)
  • Throat:open(19%)
  • Third Eye:open(38%)
  • Crown:under-active(-19%)


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